Lille Presteskjær Lighthouse

Lille Presteskjær Lighthouse
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Lille Presteskjær Lighthouse is located on the west side of the entrance to the Rekefjord about 5 km (3 mi) southwest of Hauge, part of Sokndal municipality in Rogaland. It was built in 1895 and was automated in 1973. It is 69-feet tall (20.8 meters) and is composed of a cast iron tower crowned by a gallery. The tower is painted with red and white horizontal bands.

Maintenance of the lighthouse was inherited through three generations from father to son. The keeper lived in the tower itself. The top floor was for the “reserve” keeper. Below that there are the bedrooms and the ground floor is the living room and the kitchen.

For over 28 years the lighthouse stood empty until the Midtbø family leased it from the Kystverker and began to renovate it. At that time, Lille Presteskjær was missing the characteristic light at the top of the lighthouse. Strangely, when the lighthouse was automated the lamp room was thrown into the sea!  The Midtbø family have renovated the lighthouse in a style that corresponds to how it appeared when it was last inhabited, something which strengthens the experience of visiting a cultural-historical place. Guests have been staying at Lille Presteskjær since 2004.

The lighthouse is accessible only by boat, the site and tower are open to guests during the summer.

The Norwegian magazine Seilas (Cruising) has a wonderful photo of Presteskjær Lighthouse taken during the major hurricane dubbed Berit that hit the Norwegian coast in late 2011.


  • The lighthouse has room for ten people in total, divided up into two bedrooms
  • It can be rented for either weekends or full weeks
  • In addition you can choose to provide your own provisions, or if you like Mitt Kjøkken (My Kitchen) can organize the catering
  • Hire of bedclothes: NOK 75, per set.


  • Book early
  • Everything that goes on at Lille Presteskjær takes place in the six floors to the lighthouse, so there is only room for one group at a time
  • To book telephone Berith and Frank Midtbø’s mobile: +47-90-96-31-12
  • The Midtbø family cannot take responsibility if the weather does not permit access out to the lighthouse.


  • Low season rates: 2 persons, 2 days, NOK 2,500; 2 persons, 6 days, NOK 5,000
  • Low season rates: 4 persons, 2 days, NOK 3,700; 4 persons, 6 days, NOK 7,400
  • Low season rates: 8 persons, 2 days, NOK 4,900; 8 persons, 6 days, NOK 9,800
  • Low season rates: 10 persons, 2 days, NOK 6,100; 10 persons, 6 days, NOK 12,200
  • High season rates: 2 persons, 2 days, NOK 3,300; 2 persons, 6 days, NOK 6,600
  • High season rates: 4 persons, 2 days, NOK 4,500; 4 persons, 6 days, NOK 9,000
  • High season rates: 8 persons, 2 days, NOK 5,700; 8 persons, 6 days, NOK 11,400
  • High season rates: 10 persons, 2 days, NOK 6,900; 10 persons, 6 days, NOK 13,800

Transportation to the lighthouse

Boat transportation to the lighthouse and back. NOK 500 for 2 persons
NOK 100 for each additional person
Boat can be hired at NOK 300 per day

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