Stavernsodden Lighthouse at “Norway’s Dimple”

Stavernsodden Lighthouse at “Norway’s Dimple”
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Stavern is Norway’s smallest town and is affectionately known as “The Dimple of Norway.” It’s unique and charmingly styled streets and wooden houses are still intact. Stavern’s geographical position results in a staggering average of 200 sunny days per year and it is surprisingly hot during the summer. Unusually long spring and summer months offer a natural attraction for a country more used to long winter months, especially when blue skies meet the sea in an uninterrupted horizon. Stavern has developed into a center for the arts and galleries and exhibitions are to be found at every corner as the town’s inhabitants swell three-fold in summer.


Stavernsodden Lighthouse is in the municipality of Larvik in Vestfold, Norway. It was established in 1855, and was automated in 1984. The lighthouse was listed as a protected site in 1997 under the Cultural Heritage Act, and is a member of the Norwegian Lighthouse Association (Norsk Fyrhistorisk Forening). The lighthouse stands 27.9 feet (8.5 meters) tall and 144 feet (43.9 meters) above the high tide mark. There are two other lighthouses in Larvik municipality: Svenner Lighthouse and Tvistein Lighthouse.


Stavern History

Citadel, Stavern


  • The port and naval base of Stavern (until 1930 named Fredriksvern) was established as a municipality January 1, 1838
  • The town was the site of an important Norwegian naval base, Fredriksvern, from 1677 to 2002.
  • Stavern has probably been a harbor since ancient times. The name is found in written sources from the 11th century and the 12th century where it is referred to as a good fishing harbor. Besides being an important military harbour, Stavern in the 17th and 18th century was also an important port for civil ship traffic from Norway to Denmark and Sweden.
  • The first main construction in Stavern can be traced to Count Ulrik Fredrik Gyldenløve who built Citadellet on the island of Karlsøy among the idyllic skerries of Stavern in the 1680’s. Karlsøy was later renamed Citadell Isle after the fort. During the Nordic war (1709–1720) the fort became of great importance as the only naval base for the Danish/Norwegian fleet as well as for the ships that continued to sail between Norway and Denmark  with mail and provisions.


Accommodations at Staversodden Lighthouse

  • Overnight stays as well as booking of the boathouse for social events.
 There are 14 beds available.
Stavernsodden Lighthouse website. Norwegian language only.
  • Overnight stays as well as booking of the boathouse for social events.
  • Tel.: +47 95 13 45 93
  • Email: befa@tele2.no


Stavern festivalen

Stavern Festival is a rock music festival held in Staven in July. Read more.


Stavern Tourist Information

: Strandveien 2.

Open June 22 – July 31 2012. All days 11am – 6pm.

Stavern Tourist Information Office is a seasonal office for Larvik Tourist Information Office which is the authorized Tourist Information Office for Larvik, Stavern and Lågendalen.
Tel. (+47) 48 32 31 01.
Email: post@opplevlarvik.no


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