A Brief History of Lighthouses in Norway

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The coast of Norway is 83,000 km long and there have been a total of 212 lighthouses along it, but no more than 154 have ever been operational at the same time. The first, Lindesnes Lighthouse, opened in 1655, and the newest lighthouse, Anda, was finished in 1932.

The first lighthouses were private operations, but in 1821 the government made the Channel and Harbor Inspector responsible for lighthouses in Norway. A dedicated Lighthouse Administration was set up in 1841. The lighthouses today are mostly automated and, from 1974, run by the Norwegian Coastal Administration.

Two lightvessels have been operated along the Norwegian coast. “Enigheden” off Ålesund from 1856 vas replaced with Lepsøyrev Lighthouse in 1879, and “Ildjernsflu” was moored off Nesodden from 1914 until it was scrapped in 1968.

Our list, not complete, is sorted by location along the shipping lanes, from the border with Sweden in south, to Russia in northeast. The Norwegian Coastal Administration runs a total of 5,000 different navigational lights along the coast.

This list only cover the lighthouse stations.

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