Lighthouse-related activities in Norway

Lighthouse-related activities in Norway
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Visiting a lighthouse in Norway gives you an extraordinary opportunity to explore and experience Norway in a unique way. There are many activities and adventures that awaits, here is a list with some of them.


The most important bird populations in Norway are located along the coastline in the northern two-thirds of the country. Colonies with six-figure numbers of breeding Atlantic Puffins and Black-legged Kittiwakes are found several places, the most famous are probably Runde and the Lofoten islands. Large numbers of other seabirds such as Northern Fulmar, Northern Gannet, Great Cormorant, European Shag, Common Eider, Razorbill, Common and Brunnich’s Guillemot, Black Guillemot, and various skuas, gulls and terns add to the spectacle.


Day Trips

Stay at a lighthouse in Norway to experience the coast and visit the inland. Travel to the many small towns and villages just a short trip away or see the stunning nature. Norway has something to offer for every taste.



You might wonder why we included “Dining” under “Activities” … clearly no one in Norway is starving, and you can get food just about everywhere. However, if you have to travel by boat for, let’s say, one hour to get to a small restaurant, we think that qualifies as an “Activity,” and only those lighthouses are categorized as such.



There are many great diving spots along the coast of Norway such as the in the Gulf Stream which can be enjoyed all year around. In the winter, water temperatures are between 37° – 50°F (3° – 10°C) and the water is marvelously clear with visibility up to 160 feet (50 meters). There are nearby wrecks to explore and abundant fish in the summer.



Both coast and deep fishing is good all along the Norwegian coast, and especially in Northern Norway. You can either arrange a trip for deep sea fishing or just rent a rod.


Guided Tours

Go on a sea safari! 62°NORD offers several sea safaris to lighthouses, with exciting wave riding and stories of Norwegian lighthouse history. 
Experience the unique opportunity to see a whole range of the most inaccessible lighthouses in Norway from the sea.



The Norwegian Trekking Association (Den Norske Turistforening, or DNT) manages some 450 cabins in Norway’s forest and mountain areas. Recently, the range of DNT accommodations was expanded to include lighthouses along the Norwegian coast. Accommodations vary from small cottages with a couple of beds to large, staffed mountain lodges with nearly 200 beds. Vacationing this way is inexpensive, even though the comfort level is high.



Kayaking is an exciting way to explore the stunning nature and beautiful surroundings when staying at a lighthouse.


Midnight Sun

When the night is absent, nature’s director takes over and creates immortal scenes. To experience the midnight sun, the eternal summer, is something we all should experience, once in our lifetime.


Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, the sky’s own light show, have always been the object of great wonder to mankind. Legend has it; the Northern Lights have been seen as everything from evil spirits to celestial wars with their marching armies. These beautiful displays have, over time, given rise to a wealth of works of art, myths, legends and stories.

Sailing Courses

At Myken Lighthouse you can get a chance to learn how to sail! Helge Eriksen holds annual sailing course with Colin Archer-boat SY Josephine. This is an exciting and educational activity that unfortunately makes vacation time to go too fast.



Combine your trip to Norway with a stay at one of Norway’s many historical lighthouses located near world class surfing spots for the adventure of a lifetime!



The ocean by many lighthouses is very clear and snorkeling is really good, so remember to bring you swimming gear if you are visiting during summer.


Whale watching

Andenes Lighthouse at Andøya is a fantastic area for whale safaris. Several companies offer whale safaris during the summer. Most companies have a whale sighting guarantee – if you are unlucky and do not get to see whales on your first trip, you are eligible for a new trip free of charge or a refund.



Bring your board and wetsuit, and you will get great surfing experiences between the islands and the open ocean.

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