Alnes Lighthouse and Café

Alnes Lighthouse and Café
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Alnes is one of the most visited lighthouses in Norway.

Alnes LIghthouse was built in 1853 and automated in 1982. It is 87 feet (26.5 meters) tall and stands 118 feet (36 meters) above the high tide mark. It is now owned by the municipality of Giske
It and is located on the north side of Godøy in Møre og Romsdal county.

The galley and the tower are open for tourists from May through October, and the old keeper’s house has a café and an exhibition space where artwork from local artists are displayed. There is also a small historical museum inside the lighthouse tower. Alnes is only a 30-minute drive from Ålesund.

Lighthouse Safari

Join Actin AS on a boat trip from Ålesund to Godøya and the fishing village of Alnes, where the ocean is the nearest neighbour! Enjoy the calm atmosphere at the pittoresque Alnes Lighthouse or the beautiful beach on the west side of the lighthouse. You can hike up to the mountain of Godøyfjellet, recently shown on the cover of the National Geographic Adventure magazine. A fantastic view awaits you from the top!

Online booking form.
Price: NOK 600 per person. Persons eight years and older only.
Email: stein.magne@actin.no


Alnes Lighthouse itself does not offer accommodations, but there are great places to stay at Alnes.

Alnes Robuferie has two well-equipped quay-side rorbu, or fishermen’s cabins for rent. The website has lots of details about the cabins and things to do in the area. There is a wonderful photo album too.
Tel. +47 70 18 51 96

The Café at Alnes Lighthouse

The Café normally opens from noon to 6 PM on the following days:
Easter – weekend days after Palm Sunday
April – Sundays
May – Sundays
June, July and August – Open daily
September – Sundays

Alnes Lighthouse

Alnes in Summer

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