Andenes Lighthouse – a color trendsetter for 2014

Andenes Lighthouse – a color trendsetter for 2014
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Hilde FrancqHilde Francq is the only Belgian in the group of forty specialists who are able to forecast trends two years in advance.

New trend colors up to 2014 have already been determined. A two-year forecast is not a luxury. Companies need to know what colors they have to take into account when developing new products.

Hilde Francq: the Belgian member of the Color Marketing Group. Her business card? Color forecaster. Hilde Francq is the founder of Box 3 in Belgium.


For the summer of 2013, the colors are taken straight from nature (top). For example, the picture of the lighthouse (below) means that before the end of 2013, weathered blue tones combined with flag red will be in fashion. (The lighthouse used in this illustration is Andenes Lighthouse in Northern Norway.)


Grass green and building block yellow will be the 2013 summer colors and flag red and sand brown will dominate the winter transition to 2014.

How do we know that? Because those colors have already been determined. All the fashion tones world-wide are picked two years in advance by an organization of 40 ‘color predictors.’ One of them is the Flemish Hilde Francq (46).

Don’t expect any far-fetched colors in the coming years. Because of the economic crisis and the uncertainty concerning the Euro, people need pure, natural colors in the coming years. And that’s exactly what they’ll get.”

Summer 2013: grass green, building block yellow and aqua blue.

Transition to 2014: blue tones, flag red and sand brown.

The new colors don’t just apply to clothing but to almost everything: from glasses to kitchen appliances. It’s more difficult when it comes to cars.

Because of the crisis, in the coming years, people need pure, natural colors that appear to be more long-lasting.

Via Stefan Vanderstraeten

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