Andenes Lighthouse and Polar Museum

Andenes Lighthouse and Polar Museum
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Andenes Lighthouse (Norwegian: Andenes fyr) is a coastal lighthouse located at the northern end of Andøya in the municipality of Andøy in Nordland, Norway. It was established in 1859, and automated in 1978. Andenes Lighthouse is one of Norway’s tallest cast iron lighthouses, standing 131 feet (40 meters) tall. There are guided tours which entail a climb up 148 steps. Tours take place hourly, on the hour between noon and 4 PM.

Andøy belongs to the Vesterålen archipelago. The coast is famous for its sheltered bays and white, sandy beaches. This archipelago, 124 miles (200 kilometers) north of the Arctic Circle, is home to about 32,200 people. Typical of Norway’s coastal areas, Vesterålen has relatively mild winters and moderately warm summers. Vesterålen has rich and abundant birdlife. The nutrient-rich waters surrounding the island group provide ample food supplies for a large number of sea bird species. Fishing has always been the very basis of living in Vesterålen, thanks to the rich fishing fields off shore. Fact and figures about Vesterålen (however interesting they may be)  hardly convey the beauty of this part of Norway.

Andøy Museum

The Andøy Museum is situated in Fyrvika cove, not far from Andenes Lighthouse.  The building itself is also referred to as the Polar Museum (Norwegian: Polarmuseet). An exhibition on polar regions is displayed here, with emphasis on the life of hunter Hilmar Nøis who spent an astounding 38 winters in Svalbard. The museum also has an exhibition that offers insight into the unique geology of the island of Andøya. The Ramså range includes the newest rocks on land in Norway, and the museum displays a cast of a locally found fossil of an Ichthyosaurus from the Jurassic period.

  • Post Office Box 11
8483, Andenes, 
  • Tel.: +47 76 11 54 32
  • Fax.: +47 76 11 54 32
  • Email: andoymuseet@museumnord.no
  • Admission: Adults NOK 50,  Students NOK 25, free for children

Whale Watching

This is a fantastic area for whale safaris. Several companies offer whale safaris during the summer. Prices range from NOK 715 for adults and NOK 530 for children.
 Most companies have a whale sighting guarantee – if you are unlucky and do not get to see whales on your first trip, you are eligible for a new trip free of charge or a refund.

Good to know

  • It is highly advisable to book in advance
  • Cancellations may occur, so you should not stake everything on one single day
  • As the sea can become a little choppy, it can be wise to take a seasickness tablet one hour before departure
  • Wear warm clothing and footwear

Arctic Whale Tours

Whalesafari Ltd.

  • Summer season: May to September – Winter season: December-March
  • Adults from NOK 945 per passenger – Kids from NOK 595,- per passenger
  • booking@whalesafari.no
  • Tel +47 76 11 56 00

Sea Safaris Andenes


Andøy Tourist information

For more information on Andøy, click here.

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