Asenvågøy Lighthouse

Asenvågøy Lighthouse
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Asenvågøy Lighthouse (also called Asenvågøya) is in the municipality of Bjugn in Sør-Trøndelag county.  It is located atop a rise on the eastern edge of  the small island, Asen, in the Norwegian Sea about 6 km (3.5 mi) northwest of Lysøysund. This is at the entrance to the Lauvøyfjorden and about 7 km (4.3 mi) west of the island of Lauvøya.

Asenvågøya was built in 1921, and it was automated in 1975. The 14-meter (46 ft) tall lighthouse can be seen from a distance of up to 16 nautical miles (30 km; 18 mi). It has an occulting light that flashes in white, red, and green. There is a square cylindrical wood tower, attached to a 1-1/2 story wooden keeper’s house. The lighthouse is painted white, lantern and gallery red.

This light was built to aid  fishermen on the way in from Frohavet. Great herring fisheries off the coast had moved ever further north and more anglers than ever were coming to the ports of Lysøysundet and Valler Strait. The lighthouse also operates for shipping in the inner lane along the coast. Also, the lighthouse has a unique harbor well-protected from the weather and wind.

Stiftelsen Frohavet Lysøysund Kystkultursenter (Foundation Frohavet) has an agreement with the Kystverket (Coast Guard) to take care of the lighthouse on Asenvågsøya. “Thursday Club” – pensioners Foundation – has done maintenance work on the buildings. Today it is possible to stay at the lighthouse. Frohavet Foundation organizes Coastal Heritage Days every year in August, with exhibitors and stalls, old crafts, music and dance, regattas, sailing, and historical lectures.


Stiftelsen Frohavet Lysøysund Kystkultursenter website (Norwegian language)

  • Keeper’s house:
    1 to 6 people NOK1000 per day
    6 to 12 people, NOK1500 per day
  • Boathouse:
    1 to 6 people NOK500 per day
    6 to 12 people NOK750 per day
  • Both the lighthouse and boathouse:
    1 to 6 people NOK1500 per day
    6 to 12 people NOK2250 NOK per day
  • Foundation Frohavet can arrange for  cleaning and washing after a stay. NOK2000. Otherwise, the tenant must leave the area clean and washed.
  • All visits must be arranged by way of a written contract.


  • The lighthouse has a gas stove (wood-burning stoves must not be used), gas stove, refrigerator, sink and mirror in the bathroom, toilet.
  • There is running water, but it MUST be boiled for cooking.
    Drinking water must be brought along from the mainland.
  • There’s a picnic table with benches.
  • There are sleeping places for 12 people (three beds, or mattresses on the floor). Visitors bring their own bedding and sleeping bags.
  • At the boathouse there are tables and benches, accommodating larger groups.

Contact the Foundation Frohavet

Video: Asenvågøy tour

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