Beautiful Lista

The views from the top of the lighthouse are justifiably famous

Lista LIghthouse. Photo © Svein-Magne Tunll. www.tunliweb.no

Lista peninsula.

Farsund harbor.

Farsund at daybreak

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“Vakre Lista” is Norwegian for “Beautiful Lista”

Lista is at the southwestern tip of Norway. Lista is a large peninsula along the Listafjord and is home to the village of Vestbygd and the towns of Vanse and Farsund. Ships coming from the North Sea enter the Skaggerat strait at Lista, sailing toward the ports of Kristiansand and Oslo, the ports of Denmark and Sweden, and beyond into the Baltic Sea.  For hundreds of years, this has been a major trade route.

Vakre Lista is the name of a great Facebook community page with tons of handsome photos of the area. You can get a great idea about how important the sea is here.


Coastal Farsund has small town charm and character—picturesque is no exaggeration—with narrow alleys, winding streets, cafes, and restaurants. In the summer months there are always people dotted eating, drinking, and enjoying the scenery. The town’s guest harbor is packed full of boats in the summer.

The municipality has some of Southern Norway’s best beaches

Fyrferie på Lista = Lighthouse Vacation at Lista lighthouse

  • The views from the top of the lighthouse are justifiably famous.
  • Lista Lighthouse offers well appointed rooms for overnight visitors. Full information and contact in the site www.lista-fyr.no (in Norwegian). You can book online.
  • There are two appartments. Cormorant and Dunlin, each sleeping up to 7, each fully equipped, each offering wonderful views.
  • You get the key to the beacon with your stay!
  • Email: post@lista-fyr.com
  • Tel. +47 38 39 77 76
  • There are guided tours at Lista in July on weekdays. Cost: NOK 50.
  • Galleri Lista Fyr is housed in the lighthouse keepers residence. There are exhibitions throughout the year.
  • Lista Lighthouse stands next to a large bird sanctuary.

Video: Din Tur – LIsta Fyr. A really nice video presentation of the lighthouse, the accommodations and surrounding facilities.

Video: Lista Lighthouse, Mar 2013. A cool/quirky, short video portrait of the light at Lista.

Video: Flry Lista, Busje til Lista Fyr. Aerial views over Lista Lighthouse. Gives a get idea of the setting.

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