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The lighthouses have their own history, and even though there are no longer people living at the lighthouses, you can still experience this fantastic life by staying overnight.

Art exhibitions

See the art work of both well known and unknown artists. From June 24 to August 15 2012, at Utsira Lighthouse Gallery: When The Soul Meets The Calm, by Sigrid Torbjørnsen

Artist Residency

Lighthouses like Ryvarden Culture Lighthouse has an art gallery with both art and craft work for sale. Here you can go back in time, with the wind howling around the lighthouse, and driving rain on the windows, or else sun from a clear sky and a completely still ocean. This is medicine for the body and soul. Whether you are an emerging, mid-career, or established artist; staying at a Lighthouse in Norway gives you an unique opportunity to reflect, research and produce.


Dugnad is a Norwegian term for voluntary work done together with other people. In a tradition similar to that of barn raising, community members meet to help an individual, or club members meet to build a clubhouse or get necessary jobs done for a family in need. Many of the lighthouses in Norway are kept in shape through dugnad work. Participation in a dugnad is often followed by a common meal, served by the host.

Music And Music Festivals

Visit famous music festivals such as the  Hove Festival with well known artists playing, or check out some of the many local festivals and discover new artists.

The Premiere of Norwegian Composer Henning Sommero’s opera Querini takes place at the utmost tip of Lofoten – the island of Røst on August 4th and 5th 2012. See the posting for Skomvær Lighthouse.


The Fæder Regatta from Oslo to Hoten is one of the world’s biggest overnight regattas. From its inception in 1947, with seven boats competing, the regatta has grown considerably with more than 1000 boats and 4–5,000 sailors participating.

Scenic Routes

Go for a nice walk, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


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