Feistein Lighthouse

Feistein Lighthouse
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One of the most popular tourist attractions in the Stavanger region is the Feistein Lighthouse. Positioned in the southwestern coast of Norway, Stavanger is the fourth largest city of the country. There is a plethora of places of interest around Stavanger, which includes the Feistein Lighthouse.

The lighthouse on is situated on a small island off the Jæren coast, a short trip by boat from the shore. It was in the year 1859 when this lighthouse was lit for the first time. At that time, the Feistein Lighthouse was put on a tower on top of the 2-story abode of the lighthouse keeper. A 25-meter high steel tower was constructed in the year 1914. This tower has a lantern and gallery attached to the lighthouse keeper’s house.

Two white flashes are emitted every 20 seconds. A red or green light is also emitted twice after every 8 seconds, depending on direction. This light is emitted at a focal plane of 21 meters. Painted in red color, the lighthouse has two white horizontal bands below the gallery.

Feistein Lighthouse houses a forge. At present, the lighthouse tower, the residence of the lighthouse keeper, the annex, and boat shed at the Feistein Lighthouse are well-preserved as cultural heritage buildings. Thus, this impressive lighthouse is surely worth a visit while on a trip to Stavanger. There are a number of other lighthouses along the justly famous Jæren coast.

The residence at the Feistein Lighthouse remains open for overnight guests all summer. The edifice is well-furnished, but you have to bring your own food, drinking water, and bedding. You can witness the light beams from the lighthouse sweeping over the roof like umbrella spokes during your stay. This lighthouse is a perfect destination for a weekend excursion.

The buildings that remain today, the lighthouse tower, lighthouse keeper’s residence, the annex, and boat shed are preserved as cultural heritage buildings. A visit to Feistein Lighthouse gives you a unique opportunity to be face to face with the North Sea, and allows you to try the life of a lighthouse keeper. It was manned up until 1989, when it became fully automated.


  • UPDATE: Feistein Lighthouse has changed their accommodations policies. They no longer offer accommodations on the open market.

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