Filtvet Lighthouse & Villa Malla

Filtvet Lighthouse & Villa Malla
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Filtvet Lighthouse is an active coastal lighthouse in Hurum municipality. Hurum is in Buskerud county, Norway. Hurum is located on the southern part of Hurumhalvøya, which is the peninsula between the Oslofjord and Drammensfjord. The location is 36.6 miles (42.9 km) south of Oslo just where the Oslofjord narrow as one travels north.

  • Established 1840, and automated in 1985. Filtvet stands 42.6 feet (13 meters) tall and 42.6 feet (13 meters) above the high-tide mark. It is 36.6 miles (42.9 km) south of Oslo just where the Oslofjord narrow as one travels north.
  • The lantern is mounted on the roof of a 1-1/2 story wood keeper’s house. The house is painted white, the lantern red. The active light stands in front of the house on a 14 m (46 ft) cylindrical fiberglass tower with gallery. Originally the light was shown from a lantern under the front gable, and a fog bell tower was mounted on the roof. The Fresnel lens and blinking mechanism have been preserved in the lantern. 
The light station is owned by the local government, Hurum Kommune, which maintains it in excellent condition. A support group, Filtvet Fyrs Venner, works to support the station. Site open, tower closed. Owner/site manager: Hurum Kommune.
  • HISTORY This site was already on old maps from the early 1800’s, indicating the presence of  lamps facilitating navigation on the bay . The first lighthouse, a beacon that was set up in Jamie’s Crochet outbuildings, was lit 1 September of 1840.  The present structure Filtvet lighthouse was built in 1877. At that time it was simply painted in yellow. Only in 1915 were buildings painted white. As of the 1877 date, a permanent staff lived at the lighthouse. On the roof there was a tower for the new fog bell. With fog, the hammer beat every 4 second, driven by clockwork, a string of solder that went through all the floors and the lighthouse keeper had to pull up.

Filtvet Lighthouse Friends

Filtvet Lighthouse Friends was established  to restore and operate the lighthouse for the public. It maintains both buildings and gardens and enables active use of the property for various purposes. The lighthouse operates as a cultural institution with various exhibitions, concerts, and meetings. The lighthouse is also rented out to association meetings, seminars and private parties. While the LIghthouse can be rented, overnight stays are not allowed.

Parts of the old building were restored in 2004. Plans are to have the station open during summer weekends. Lying on Hurum’s coastal footpath, Filtvet Lighthouse station is an ideal starting point for a walk along the coast. Guided tours by appointment : tel. +47 32 79 71 00.

Getting There

  • From Oslo by car Take E6/E18 to the Nordby tunnel,  and follow the signs to Drammen. In the first roundabout after the Oslofjord tunnel turn left towards Tofte, right (slightly to the right) in the next round, and then just follow on to Filtvet.
  • From Olso Aker Brygge by boat Boats go on Saturday and Sunday from June 23 to August 19.   This is a great way to get out to Filtvet Lighthouse and Villa Malla. As of Summer 2012 these boats made two calls per. day Departure from Oslo is at. 10:00 and 15:00, arriving at Filtvet. 11:35 and 16:35. The boat passes several places along Nesoddlandet and Oscarsborg and Drøbak before it docks at the old steamboat pier in Filtvet. The return boats depart at. 12:20 and 17:20.

Villa Malla

When the lighthouse station was automated in 1985, the newly automated light replacing the lighthouse’s operation was placed directly in front of the lighthouse building and Villa Malla Restaurant was established in the back. Villa Malla is both a public space and a restaurant. There is a great beach here as well for swimming. Despite the fact that Villa Malla is less than an hour south of Oslo, this feels like another world.

See Villa Malla on Facebook. They have wonderful photos.

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Lighthouse and Palm Trees

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