Flåvær Lighthouse

Flåvær Lighthouse
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Flavær LIghthouse.

  • Built in 1870, automated in 1979. This is an active lighthouse.  It was renovated in 1887 and 1914. In 1952 it was connected to the electrical power grid, and it was fully automated in 1979.
  • Standing 14 m (46 ft) tall, it has a square cylindrical wood tower with lantern and gallery, rising from the seaward gable of a 1-1/2 story wood keeper’s house. The lighthouse is painted white, the lantern and gallery red. Site open, tower closed.
  • Flåvær is located on a small islet called Varholmen about 2 km (1.2 mi) south of Kvalsund,  southwest of Fosnavåg and Eggesbønes and north of the island of Gurskøya.


  • Flåvær is group of islets and skerries in the Herøyfjord in the municipality of Herøy in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The islands are located north of the island Gurskøy and southwest of Fosnavåg. It includes the islets Flåvær, Husholmen, Torvholmen, and Vardholmen (the Norwegian term holme translates as islet, signifying that these are small).
  •  In earlier times, there was extensive activity at Flåvær due to its central position in the Herøyfjord. Flåvær was both a fishing station and a store where the fishing fleet could get supplies close to the fishing fields. It provided useful harbor and mooring facilities. In the days of the rich herring fisheries, the harbor was often crowded with fishing vessels, and as many as 1,500 people gathered there. From 1873 to 1976 there was a post office. Also, from 1929 to 1961 and again from 1981 until 1984, a school was located here. The Flåvær fyrstasjon, which was erected on Vardholmen in 1870, is still located there.
  • By 1981, Flåvær had only 14 remaining inhabitants on the four islets. Today Flåvær is depopulated, but it is possible to spend a vacation in the cottages there and to arrange for conferences on Flåvær and Torvholmen.


The Herøyfjord (or Herøyfjorden) is a fjord which bisects the municipality of Herøy in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The fjord is about 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) long and about 2 kilometres (1.2 mi) wide, between the islands of Bergsøya and Gurskøya. The fjord has a maximum depth of 175 metres (574 ft). The fjord has many islands in it including Herøya and Nautøya in the east. The Flåvær islands are located in the central part of the Herøyfjord. It is a group of islets and skerries including Flåvær, Husholmen, Torvholmen and Varholmen. The Flåvær lighthouse is located on Varholmen.

Two other Herøy Lighthouses

  • Svinøy stands way out in the ocean. This lighthouse is located southwest of Ålesund, off the Stad peninsula, 12 nautical miles from the island of Skorpacoast in open ocean — in an area renown for some of the wildest weather Norway has to offer.
  • Runde is out in the ocean off the traditional district of Sunnmøre lies the island of Runde, internationally known for its bird sanctuary. in the northern part of Heroy, an island sticking way out into the ocean.

 62° Nord

  • 62°Nord AS is an amazing resource for Lighthouse lovers. 62º NORD offers a varied collection of delightful sightseeing trips to the most attractive locations in the Sunnmøre area.
  • You will travel on one of 62º NORD’s boats, buses or ferries.  You can choose between day trips, half-day tours or evening trips.
  • You can break your trip and stop at one of our exciting and historic accommodations on route.
  • 62° Nord has trips to Flåvær on the little island of Torvholmen, facing the ”bird island” Runde.


  • Torvholmen is one part of the little community once found around the lighthouse of Flåvær. The location provides a wonderful backdrop to any arrangement, whether day trips, evening parties, or overnight accommodation for company groups or just friends.
  • On the little islet of Flåvær you can enjoy the peace and tranquility that it offers.  If the weather is good, enjoy the outdoor environment.  If not, the equally peaceful surroundings indoors are ideal.  The location is perfect for many uses and has been very successful for example for team building.
  • Gourmet meals, conjured up by renowned chefs, are part of the Flåvær experience. The calm and peaceful setting of Flåvær seems to add to the enjoyment of the meals, and for those who love good food, dining at Flåvær is very much a highlight Both booking and contact thru the site.
  • There are also rentals available on Torvholmen
    There are a total of 17 beds. The little community is a paradise for fishing diving and outdoor activities.
    Contact: Tel: +47 900 37 905 or +47 905 84 000

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