Fulehuk Lighthouse gloriously restored

Fulehuk Lighthouse gloriously restored
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Fulehuk Lighthouse 59° 11′ N | 010° 36′ E

  • Fulehuk stands on one the the outermost islets (in Nøtterøy municipality) in an archipelago jutting out southwest from Tonsberg
  • Built in 1821 and automated in 1989
  • Stands 49 feet (15 meters) tall, and 52.5 feet (16.3 meters) above the high tide level.
  • There is a square cylindrical stone tower with lantern and gallery, attached by a 1-story connection to a 2-story masonry keeper’s house. The lighthouse is painted white, lantern red. Boathouse and other light station buildings.
  • The name Fulehuk refers to the many small skerries in the area that represent a danger to boats sailng there: “ful” in Norwegian denotes something bad or difficult. And “huk” is the name of a special landcape formation by the sea.
  • In 1841 a fog signal was added, the first fog signal in Norway. In 1955 the lighthouse was totally reconstructed.
  • Fulehuk was manned by four men until closure. Two men on a shift at a time, two weeks off, two weeks on.
  • In 2005 Fulehuk was sold to Nøtterøy. A year later, Fulehuks Venner (Fulehuk Friends) was established. In 2007 the lighthouse was opened and became accessible to the public.
  • Today,  Fulehuks Venner (Friends of Venner Lighthouse) has taken on the task of preserving this unique heritage.
  • The lighthouse station has been beautifully restored and refurbished through the strenuous efforts of the “Foundation Fulehuk Lighthouse” and “Association Fulehuk Friends”.
  • Fulehuks Venner maintains a wonderful Facebook pageAs can be seen on that page, the renovation has resulted in stunningly beautiful and well-designed rooms.

Membership and Accommodations

  • There are many interesting photos on the Forening Fulehuks Venner website. Click on “bildegalleri.”
  • Membership: There are three categories of member:
  • Fulehukvenn: NOK 250, – per year
  • Lifelong membership: NOK 2500
  • Corporate Membership. Individual appointments
  • For information on becoming a member, email: info@fulehuk.com
  • Booking: 
Email: booking@fulehuk.com
  • Contact Bolærnebåten AS, Røråsveien 85, 3114 Tønsberg, Tel.: +47 33 33 44 44 or Mobile: +47 90 97 11 19
    Email: elisabeth@tonsbergtaxibat.no

 More photos

Frøken Makeløs’s blog account of a stay at Fulehuk with great photos


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