Glåpen Lighthouse—Sørvågen, Moskenes

Glåpen Lighthouse—Sørvågen, Moskenes
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Glåpen Lighthouse, Moskenes (1857–1985)

  • Glåpen Lighthouse is located on a promontory marking the west side of the entrance to the harbor of Sørvågen, a village in Moskenes
  • The lighthouse stands 23.6 feet/7.2 meters tall, 131 feet/40 meters above the high tide mark.
  • Built in 1857, it has been inactive since 1985. The square wood tower has a large lantern and gallery, attached to the front of a 1-1/2 story keeper’s house. The lighthouse is painted white, lantern red.
  • In 1985, the main lighthouse was closed and replaced by a small automated 33 feet/10-meter tall light on top of a concrete pillar, just to the south of the old lighthouse building. The occulting light flashes red or white depending on the direction. The tower is painted white with one black horizontal band and the roof on the light is red.
  • Accessible by road. Site open, tower closed.

Sørvågen, Moskenes

  • At the western extremeity of the Lofoten archepelago, Sørvågen has existed as a fishing village for thousands of years. The Midnight Sun, the Northern Lights, and the many beautiful rorbuer (fisherman cabins)—both brand new and authentic, renovated older ones for rent, make this beautiful locale more and more attractive to travelers.
  • Sørvågen General Information: http://www.lofoten-info.no/Sorvag2.htm
  • The village of Å lies just to the south, and it has several other tourist attractions. The 0.75-square-kilometre (190-acre) village has a population (2011) of 453. The population density is 1,079 inhabitants per square kilometre (2,790 /sq mi).
  • Sørvågen contains a local department of the Norsk Telemuseum (Norwegian Telecom Museum) which reflects the local history of telegraphy. In 1861, the island became part of the 170 kilometres (110 mi) long Lofoten telegraph line with a station in Sørvågen (which became the Sørvågen museum in 1914). In 1867, the line was connected with Europe. In 1906, a wireless telegraph system was installed in Sørvågen—the second in Europe after Italy—connecting Sørvågen with Røst.


Moskenesøya (lit. Moskenes Island) is an island at the southern end of the Lofoten archipelago in Nordland county, Norway. The island consists of an agglomeration of glaciated hills with the highest peak being the 1,029-metre (3,376 ft) tall Hermannsdalstinden mountain.[2] It is elongated from southwest to northeast and it is about 40 kilometres (25 mi) long and 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) wide. It also has a very uneven shoreline. The island is connected to the nearby island of Flakstadøya by the Kåkern Bridge which is part of the European route E10 which ends on the Moskenesøya island at the village of Å.

Rorbuer (Fisherman cabins) in Sørvågen

Sørvågen video

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