Going from A to B (without Google)

Going from A to B (without Google)
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Text and photographs by Sigrid Thorbjørnsen

The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr.

This day, was a day of traveling. You know, one of those days where no bus coordinates with the other, trains are on time, but the waiting seems to be insanely long, someone took the seat meant for me, the inevitable argument that follows, the only 5 min till next bus, running with luggage and barley make it……

It started at 5:30AM…. Because the bus from Brohaug leaves for Lyngdal at 7:10AM, I had to book a taxi for 6:50. I had to clean before I left. All that was good. I thought I might just chill on the bus. But I had no cash, so I had to stay awake till I reached Farsund, where I ran out to an ATM for the ticket (TG the busdriver was an awesome dude and let me on the bus without cash…). Well, the bus arived 10 minutes too late, but my connecting bus was waiting….I had to run from one bus to another… Finally in this other bus, I fell asleep….. Woke up in Flekkefjord at 9:30AM and headed out for breakfast….. Insanely tired….. Did I mention that I went to bed at 03:AM? My bad, but still, dead tired….

After breakfast, and 2.5 hour waiting, I hit the bus to Sira. I was waiting zt Sira as well, in pissing rain, for the train to Stavanger. I have to admit that If I had known better, I would have taken the express bus from Lyngdal to Stavanger……but I didn’t….. So, waiting for the train to Stavanger (I was waiting inside, I was not forced to stay out in the rain….), boarded the train and 1.5 hours later, I was in Stavanger and had 15 min to get from the train to the bus…… And then my luck and good stuff started to shine.

I thought I was getting on a really bad bus, as it was really cheap….. From Stavanger to Haugesund NOK199,- This is a great price, but I expected a wrecked….. When I entered the bus, I entered heaven. I could not believe my eyes. First class seats, free internet, electricity, free newspaper, free deck of cards, free chocolate, free pen, space for legs, and awesome driver. I could not believe my eyes. I had to tell someone, and I talked to Odd Chr. Tufte who was on the bus, sharing stuff. I just had to say that this was by far the best bus I have ever had the pleasure to travel with, in the whole of Norway….. AWESOME!! The only sad thing, was that for me, the journey lasted for only 2 hours….. so, if you are in Stavanger going to Bergen, check out www.netbuss.no. You will never regret it :)

In Haugesund, I hooked up with a friend of mine, Are, and from Haugesund, we went by ferry to Utsira. My favorite island in Norway. We left the dark clouds and headed out into the open sea.

I know, I should enjoy the journey, the whole journey, and not care too much about the destination, but after floating to Haugesund in a heavenly bus, awesome ferry ride, meeting good friends, getting new friends, chilling at Utsira, I gotta say, this destination was worth fighting for. Never underestimate arrival (^_^)

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