Grønningen Lighthouse

Grønningen Lighthouse
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Grønningen Lighthouse is located about 5 miles (8 km) southeast of Kristiansand in Vest-Adger county. Standing 46 feet (14 meters) tall, Grønningen marks the entry into Kristiansand. This lighthouse was erected when it became evident that the lighthouses at Oksøy and Odderøya were not sufficient for safe navigation in the difficult and highly trafficked waters of the Kristiansandfjord.

It is built on a small skerry—two lobes connected by a narrow isthmus. Part of the island is a bird sanctuary, closed from mid-April to mid-July. Access to the island is by boat only, and currently no regular passenger boats go into the lighthouse’s difficult and exposed harbor.

As a result of the somewhat difficult approach to the island, it is a bit “exclusive” to be on Grønningen. Nevertheless, people come – paddling, rowing, sailing, or by motor boat. And, many return year after year. There are normally 40 beds and the standard is simple. Guests can borrow rowing boats to tour the sea around the island. The lighthouse warehouse seats guests at the long table in the evening, often with the fish they have caught.


  • The organization Kystlaget is responsible for the maintanence of Grønningen, and works the lighthouse as a sort of hostel in the summer months.
  • Visitors are welcome at the lighthouse all year. To book a bed, please call the hosts.
    Tel.: +47 95 10 25 23
  • They can also advice you on alternate transportation to the lighthouse. Taxiboats, etc. 
A 20 knots speedboat takes you from the center of town and out in about 15 minutes.
  • You bring your own food and sleeping gear, and a bed or mattress will be provided. There are kitchens to prepare food, and meals are eaten in  the living room or in the old boathouse.
  • The price is lowest for members of Kystlaget. 
NOK 100,- for non-members, per person, per night


The Southern Coast of Norway – The Norwegian Riviera

Southern Norway is the summer holiday spot for thousands of Norwegians, as well as for many visitors, especially from Northern Europe. Still the southern coast is a hidden gem among most visitors to Norway, leaving the stunning nature in this part of the country to only a few, almost selected group of foreign tourists. 
The Kristiansand area is known for busy summer harbors, white wooden houses, a rocky coast with skerries and the Quart Music Festival.

Getting to Kristiansand

Kristiansand is easy to reach whether you travel by car, bicycle, bus, train, ferry, or plane. Kristiansand has a large port and an international airport with routes to all major Norwegian cities. Trains are also available to and from Kristiansand to the major Norwegian cities. Kristiansand is well served by The Norwegian State Railways (NSB) and different bus/coach companies such as for example Nor-Way Bussekspress.

Getting to Grønningen Lighthouse

There is no regular transportation to the lighthouse, but the lighthouse hosts may be able to help you arrange pick-ups from Kongshavn in Randesund. Tel.: +47 95 10 25 23.  Kongshavn is about 8 miles from Kristiansand. From there, it’s a 3-mile boat trip to Grønningen.

Grønningen Lighthouse

  • Postboks 8317 Vågsbygd. 4676  Kristiansand
  • Tel.: +47 95 10 25 23
  • email, click here.

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