Hattholmen Lighthouse – A Jewel at Mandal

Hattholmen Lighthouse – A Jewel at Mandal
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On Norway’s beautiful southern coast, there are a string of  towns and villages with white-painted wooden houses. Mandal is a perfect example with its 600 legally protected white houses and it’s shining white crescent Sjøsanden beach.

Hattolmen Lighthouse stands on an island in the Mannefjord about 1 mile (1.5 km) south of Mandal. Built in 1867, this lighthouse was automated in 1984.

  • The lighthouse complex consists of  three buildings. There is a 1 1/2 story dwelling with associated torch room. The lighthouse has 4 order lens in 1931. It was converted to solar cell operation in 1985.
  • It stands 23.6 feet (7.2 meters) tall and 62.3 feet (19 meters) above the high tide level.
  • Round cylindrical tower with lantern and gallery. Lighthouse painted white with a red roof.
  • Both the keepers and the assistant keepers houses are available for overnight accommodations. The site is managed by Mandal Kystlag.
  • Hattolmen Lighthouse was built in the same year as Ryvingen Lighthouse which stands on another islet further south from Mandal. Together, these two make Mandal a double attraction for the lighthouse enthusiast.


  • MandalThough it is is a small town, Mandal has an extraordinary artistic heritage, a greater and more substantial claim to fame. Gustav Vigeland (1869 – 1943)  lived and worked here, and his presence looms large in Mandal. While the creator of the vast sculpture garden in Oslo’s Frogner Park battled the city council for permission to realise the project, he poured his creative energy into a single defiant sculpture. Egil Skallagrimsson dominates the museum lawn. In a pagan ritual of insult, mockery and revenge, this enigmatic figure of Icelandic saga literature hoists the head of a slaughtered horse onto a pole and curses his enemies.
  • To wander the narrow, cobbled streets of the oldest parts of Mandal is to take a step back in time. The white-timbered buildings lean cosily into one another and the ‘gossip-mirrors’ are still to be seen before the small-paned windows on the upper floors. Mandal has retained a form and elements that these artists would surely recognise. For us, a visit to this gateway to the past enables us to imagine their lives with greater clarity and it is that which adds true depth to our understanding of their art.

Lighthouse information

  •  Tel.: +47 90 88 24 84
  •  Email:  guwende@online.no
  • The lighthouse has an on-site host during summer
  • The island has a good harbor in which small boats can anchor up.
  • The island’s terrain is both steep and rocky. There are picnic tables and a BBQ by the jetty below the lighthouse.


Rentals are available in the summer 6/24/2011 – 8/14/2011

Getting there : By boat or by taxi: Tel.: +47 90 28 27 62

Standard : It’s simple, outdoor toilets, showers, but water must be heated.

There are 20 beds, fully-equipped kitchen, outside toilet, cold shower (with the option of heating the water). Guests must bring their own bedding, food and drinking water.

Self catering : You must bring your own bedding / sleeping bag. There is a kitchen with utensils etc. You must bring everything you need from food and drink to stay as it is not possible to buy anything on the site. The cistern water for washing / dishwashing only.


  • For the summer period, Tel. +47 41 46 90 40. For other seasons, Contact Arne Andersen. Tel.: +47 93 01 13 48 Email: aan5@online.no
  • Prices for members of the Coastal Society: NOK 100[convert number=100 from=”nok” to=”usd” template=” (approx. US $%result%”] [convert number=100 from=”nok” to=”eur” template=” / €%result%)”] – NOK 50
[convert number=50 from=”nok” to=”usd” template=” (approx. US $%result%”] [convert number=50 from=”nok” to=”eur” template=” / €%result%)”]
  • Children (6 to 15 years): NOK 20[convert number=20 from=”nok” to=”usd” template=” (approx. US $%result%”] [convert number=20 from=”nok” to=”eur” template=” / €%result%)”]


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