Heggholmen Lighthouse

Heggholmen Lighthouse
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Heggholmen Lighthouse (Norwegian: Heggholmen fyr) is a coastal lighthouse located in the Oslofjord, in the municipality of Oslo.

  • It was established in 1827, and automated in 1972. The lighthouse was listed as a protected site in 1998. Heggholmen is owned and operated by Oslo Port Authority and has Protected Status under the Cultural Heritage Act.
  • Heggholmen is active, has focal plane 6 m (20 ft); green light, 1 s on, 1 s off. 15 m (49 ft)
  • The remarkable 1-1/2 story Swiss-chalet style wood keeper’s house is topped by a belfry-like fog bell tower (the bell removed). The 6th order Fresnel lens is mounted in a small lantern on a ledge low on a front corner of the hbuilding. Lighthouse painted white.
  • This remarkable old lighthouse is preserved as a historic monument. The station stands on a short jetty on the north point of Heggholmen, an island in the inner Oslofjord, marking a secondary channel approaching the city. There is a village on the island, and ferry transportation from the city is available. Site open, tower closed.

Gressholmen  is an islet connected by a narrow strip to Heggholmen. From 1927 to 1939, Gressholmen airport was the main airport for Oslo, until the construction of Fornebu airport. The airport was only for seaplanes.

Lighthouse keepers Iver Iversen and Ludvig Iver Iversen

Father and son, Iver Iversen (born 1816) and Ludvig Iver Iversen (born 1847), together with their families lived on Heggholmen. The extended Iversen clan maintained Heggholmen for 126 years through six generations.

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