Hellisøy Lighthouse

Hellisøy Lighthouse
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In 2004 Hellisøy Lighthouse was ranked as one of the fifteen destinations in the world really worth traveling to—”if you really want to escape the rat race,” by the British newspaper “The Observer.”

Hellisøy Lighthouse stands on a small islet of the same name just 164 feet (50 meters) off the larger island Fedje. Fedje is the northernmost in a string of islands leading north from Bergen which form a waterway relatively protected from the open North Sea. Hellisøy Lighthouse was built in 1855, is 106 feet (32.3 meters) tall, and is painted red and white. It was the second cast iron lighthouse tower built in Norway. Today, the lighthouse is automated..

Fedje, the island municipality in the county of Hordaland, is also the name of the archipelago of over a hundred islands that surrounds the main island. A ferry, crossing 20 times a day, connects Fedje with the main land. It is an hour and 40 minute drive (including a 30-minute ferry voyage) from the city of Bergen. Fedje has a long-standing tradition as a coastal community and it has all the elements and forces of nature one might expect – the ocean and the ocean swells, but also calmer waters, a sparse population, a rolling landscape, and wind from all directions.

There is another lighthouse within Fedje municipality. Located 3 miles (5 kilometers) north of the main island, Holmengrå is the site of a lighthouse that dates back to 1892. Known as one of the most isolated lighthouses in Norway. At the present time, however, Holmengrå is not available for overnight accommodations.


  • Rentals are available May 22 through August 27th.
    The lighthouse is very popular, so it is best to book early
  • Lighthouse keeper’s house has eleven beds plus spare mattresses
  • Rentals of the lighthouse and the lighthouse keeper’s house are by the day or by the week.
  • The house has a fully-equipped kitchen (with refrigerator, freezer, and stove), two lounges, five bedrooms, WC, bathroom, and a wood-fired sauna in the basement.
  • There are ten sets of duvets and pillows. Visitors must bring their own bed linen or hire linen from Fedje Vaskeri og Renhold. The house has a fully equipped kitchen, a refrigerator, freezer and cooker.
  • You must bring your own food or go fishing for it.

Booking contact


Fedje is a sea anglers’ paradise. Take a lighthouse safari to Hellisøy lighthouse or a fishing trip to Holmengrå. Contact the Tourist Information Office on Fedje, Tel. (+47) 56 16 43 20.

Getting to Fedje

  • If you’re going to Fedje, you have to travel by ferry or boat. The ferry crosses the fjord twenty times a day.
  • Buses are available from Bergen Bus station.
  • Location: Northwest of Bergen, approximately 2 hours by car.
  • You can get to Fedje by helicopter from Bergen. Contact Bergen Helikopter (soon to have an English language section). See the posting on Bergen Helikopter.

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