Henningsvær Lighthouse in beautiful Lofoten

Henningsvær Lighthouse in beautiful Lofoten
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Henningsvær Lighthouse, Henningsvær, Vågan, in Nordland County.

  • This lighthouse was built in 1856, and has bee inactive since 1935. (An automated light structure stands in front of the old lighthouse.)
  • It is 41 feet (12.5 meters) tall, and 75.8 feet (23.1 meters) above the high tide level.
  • The square cylindrical masonry tower is attached to the seaward end of a 1-1/2 story keeper’s house. The lantern has been removed. Lighthouse painted white.
  • Since 1997 the light station has been available for vacation rentals.
  • Located on the southwest side of Henningsvær facing the Vestfjord.
  • From the lighthouse roof there’s a unique 360 degree view of the sea, Lofoten mountains and Henningsvær.
  • Every evening at seven forty-five meet the northbound and southbound Hurtigruten just outside.
  • The site  manager: Henningsvær Fyr.

The Venice of the Lofotens

  • Henningsvær, which calls itself the Venice of the Lofotens, is a village on several small islands off the southwestern tip of Austvågøy, connected to the larger island by a series of bridges.
  • After an initial shot at six o’clock in the morning, which can be heard throughout Henningsvær, hundreds of  boats leave port grouped closely together going past the lighthouse and beyond Vestfjord. 2012 was reported as a very good fishing, and optimism reigns in Henningsvær.
  • With the mountain at its back and otherwise surrounded by the sea, Henningsvær was a natural hub of activity during the Lofoten Winter Fishery. In the 1800s, the island community prospered, and Henningsvær became one of the most prominent fishing villages in Lofoten.
  • Unlike many other fishing villages, the population of Henningsvær has remained stable in recent years, and there are still over 500 people living there.
  • The islands of Henningsvær were not connected to the rest of Lofoten by bridges until 1981, a fact that probably helped save the community from the contemporary style of architecture, that otherwise left its mark on just about all other Norwegian towns and villages in the 1960s and 70s.

Visits and Accommodations

  • Henningsvær Lighthouse operates limited rental at Henningsvær Lighthouse. This is a special place for special interests and can be rented with or without full service.
  • For more information contact Rolf Hoffmann:
    Tel.: +47 22 38 61 63, Fax: +47 22 38 61 80
    Email: r.hoff@signex.no

Henningsvær video

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