Homlungen Lighthouse

Homlungen Lighthouse
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Homlungen Lighthouse (Norwegian: Homlungen fyr) is a fully-automated lighthouse situated on a skerry in the archipelago municipality of Hvaler, in the southwestern part of Østfold county, Norway. Located at the southernmost point of Kirkøy, .6 mile (1 kilometer) southwest of Skjærhollen, Homlungen is about 19 miles (30.7 kilometers) south of Fredrikstad and it is accessible by car driving down RV108. It is one of the many lighthouses along the eastern side of the opening to the Olsofjord. In Hvaler municipality alone, there are seven other lighthouses: Reiertangen, Fugletangskjær, Asmalsund, Papperhavn (Lyngholmen), Tenneskjær, and Torbjørnskjær. Nearby Fredrikstad boasts another seven.

Fredrikstad itself is a great jumping off place for a lighthouse vacation. The island coastline of Fredrikstad and Hvaler offers pristine, clear water for divers. It boasts superb sandy beaches for swimming. Also, the countryside around Fredrikstad, Sarpsborg, and Hvaler is peppered with mystic stone circles, majestic burial mounds, and images chiselled in stone – a cultural heritage which talks directly to you.

Fredrikstad Tourist Information Office
Torvgaten 59A, 1632 Gamle Fredrikstad
Tel: +47 69 30 46 00
Email: turistkontoret@opplevfredrikstad.com

Hvaler itself maintains a tourist information service dest in the Town Hall (Norwegian: Råshuset) on the island of Kirkøy.

The lighthouse and surrounding buildings, which include residences, out-building, a well, and engine house are proposed protected as a national park. First built in 1867, it automated in 1952. There are cabins for rent at Homlungen Lighthouse. Arrangements are made with the Norwegian Trekking Association.  Accommodations must be booked in advance. There is a fully equipped kitchen, washing (not drinking) water, an outdoor grill, and a boat. Email the Norwegian Trekking Association here.

View a great slide show of Homlungen Lighthouse.

Map below shows the driving route from Fredrikstad and the location of Homlungen Lighthouse.

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