Kavringen Lighthouse, Oslo harbor

Kavringen Lighthouse, Oslo harbor
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Kavringen Lighthouse

  • Established 1892 and still active.
  • 13 m (43 ft) octagonal wood tower with an unusual wood lantern topped by a spire. Tower painted white with one narrow red horizontal band; lantern is brown.
  • Focal plane 12 m (39 ft); white, red or green light depending on direction, occulting in groups of three
  • Located in the inner harbor of Oslo, between Hovedøya and the Filipstad container terminal.
  • Accessible only by boat. Site and tower closed.
  • Ferries leaving Olso (to Denmark for example) pass close by this light
  • In 2006 the lighthouse was meticulously restored

Kavringen and Hovedøya islands

  • Hovedøya is a small beautiful island just south of Kavringen. It is well known for its lush and green nature, with a wide variety of trees, bushes and flowers. Read more.
  • Kavringen is a small whale-shaped rock ( islet ) in the Oslo Fjord  in Oslo Municipality. Shallow reefs and surrounding area (16 acres ) was protected as a nature reserve on 15 December 1978 .  The purpose of protection is to preserve the living environment for plants and wildlife. From 15 April to 15 July the island is off-limits for people.  The lighthouse is on an even smaller island 308 feet/94 meters south of this island.

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