Kjeungskjær Lighthouse

Kjeungskjær Lighthouse
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Kjeungskjær Lighthouse is located on a tiny island – in the Fosen region – 2.2 miles (3.5 kilometers) northwest of the village of Uthaug, Ørland, in Sør-Trondelag county. This red brick, octagonal lighthouse is 68 feet (20.6 meters) tall. Built in 1880, it was automated in 1987. The light is lit July 21 – May 16. In the remaining period the midnight sun makes the light unnecessary.

Kjeungskjær is owned by the Norwegian state, but Kjeungen Kystlag (Lighthouse Association), a group of enthusiasts who take care of coastal environments, old boats, etc, maintain the lighthouse. Kjeungen Kystlag rents the the lighthouse to those wishing to spend time there. It’s a very special place to visit. With the high tide, it seems the lighthouse is floating on the sea.

In 1987 the light was automated and  the last keeper moved out. Kjeungen Kystlag began working at the lighthouse in 1999,  restoring and maintaining the rooms inside the lighthouse. Working against the salt water and the weather is a constant battle. The Norwegian state does most of the outside work on the lighthouse.

Getting There

The lighthouse can be visited May 15 – August 31. There are two possibilities for getting close to or, on the other hand, actually to the lighthouse.

  • The coastal passenger ships of the Hurtigruten line (which travels daily from Bergen to Kirkenes in the far north of Norway) passes very near the lighthouse twice a day, every day, once northbound and once southbound, year-round.
  • Getting to Uthaug. There are direct flights from Oslo to Ørland airport. From the airport, a cab ride takes you to Uthaug.There are also flights from Trondheim to Ørland airport. Alternatively, from Trondheim you could take the ferry (ferrylines.com) to Brekstad which is south of Uthaug and, again cab it to Uthaug.
  • To visit the lighhouse, for a tour or for a stay, contact Kjeungen Kystlag which take you there by boat.


The lighthouse can accommodate up to 20 persons. There are beds for about 12 persons, but there are at least 10 mattresses to sleep on. Clean sheets are provided. The concept is cottage-like. You  bring food, sleeping bags, and whatever else you want. You must bring your own drinking water. Rainwater is collected for dishwashing, tooth brushing, showering, and such. There are two refregerators, a freezer, stove, dishes, etc.

  • The ground floor has one room with a table seating 20 persons. You can open the doors for a spectacular seaview as you dine.
  • The first floor has hall, bathroom, kitchen, kitchen storeroom, and toilet (you carry up sea water in order to flush the toilet.
  • The second floor has the living room, a balcony, and two bedrooms.
  • The third floor has three bedrooms.
  • The fourth floor has the “honeymoon” bedroom, plus a big floor where matresses for ten persons can be set out. Steps lead up to the upper balcony which has an amazing view!

Rental Prices:

  • NOK 1,250. Group rates up to 8 people.
  • NOK 1,750. Price group of 8 people.
  • NOK 100. Guided tour of Kjeungskjær with a lift (boat) per person, minimum five people

Contact Information

Tel.: +47 72 52 44 74  +47 93 84 54 16
Anne Lise Valås jalbri@broadpark.no

Kjeungen Kystlag
Postboks 3
7129 Brekstad, Norway

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