Kjølnes Lighthouse on the wild Barents coast

Kjølnes Lighthouse on the wild Barents coast
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Kjølnes Lighthouse stands sentinel on the northern end of the Varanger peninsula facing the open sea.

Kjølnes Lighthouse is in Berlevåg municipality in Finnmark, Norway’s northernmost county. Berlevåg’s coastal location serves to moderate temperatures during winter, receiving heat from the Gulf stream. Temperatures during winter rarely dip below −15 °C (5 °F), while maximum temperatures during summer are usually around 13 °C (55 °F). There are no trees in Berlevåg, because the relatively cold and windy summer. The sea and the islands along this part of Finnmark’s coastline are home to thousands of seabirds. Along with the large seabird colonies, there is a lot of unspoiled nature .

The Barents coast  is a jagged, bare coast with bizarre cliffs, beaches and bird mountains, lonely lighthouses and compact little fishing villages This is the setting for the Kjølnes Lighthouse.

Kjølnes Lighthouse

  • Kjølnes Lighthouse (Norwegian: Kjølnes fyr) was established in 1916, destroyed during World War II, rebuilt in 1949, and automated in 1994. It was listed as a protected site in 1998. It is 72 feet (22 meters) tall and stands 84 feet (26 meters) above the sea level.
  • Kjølnes was a victim of Hilter’s “scorched earth tactics.” which involved wholesale burning of houses, slaughter of livestock, and forced the evacuation of the population. The lighthouse was systematically destroyed by German artillery. After the war, a local group set up a makeshift, but very strong light, and then by 1947 the new lighthouse was built.
  • The lighthouse stand as a landmark on a beautiful promontory, located 4 km (2.5 mi) east of Berlevåg and easily accessible from Route 890.
  • The light is operated from August 12 through April 24. During the rest of the year, the area experiences the Midnight Sun, making the light unnecessary.
  • Tours of the tower are available.
  • Kjølnes Lighthouse is clearly a design sibling of Fruholmen Lighthouse located  to the west in Måsøy municipality.


  • Today, Kjølnes is used as a guest house. The station is managed by the Polmakmoen Gjestegård (hotel) in nearby Polmak.
  • Tel.: +47 92 89 90 or +47 48 17 47 55
  • There are 13 beds in the keeper’s house and 4 beds in the engineer’s house. In all, there are 33 beds available.
  • In addition to a bar, breakfast and gourmet meals are served in the dining room of the keeper’s house.
  • The water is here is cold—those who venture into the sea are awarded a diploma!
  • The hosts offer a special romantic bridal chamber.


  • All prices include breakfast.
  • The keeper is the price NIK 500 per person in a double. room.
    NOK 650 per person for a single room.
  • In the small houses, NOK 350  per person.
  • Bridal chamber, NOK 1100  per night.
  • Booking Tel.: +47 78 98 08 09 (lighthouse) or mobile phone +47 481 74755.

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