Kråkenes Lighthouse Bridal Suite


Kråkenes Lighthouse

Kråkenes Lighthouse
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Vågsøy is a municipality in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, in the traditional district of Nordfjord. Vågsøy municipality has four lighthouses; Kråkenes, Skongenes, Ulvesund, and Hendanes. Each is located at the end of a long promentory, high above the sea. Vågsøy island is is approached by the marvelous Måløy Bridge. This concentration of lighthouses makes Vågsøy a wonderful destination for the lighthouse enthusiast.


Kråkenes Lighthouse was established in 1906 and became automated in 1986. During World War II, it was bombed by Allied Forces and was rebuilt about 1950. Today Kråkenes has become a popular tourist destination as well. Of all the lighthouses in Norway, this is the one which is most exposed to the elements. It also serves as a meteorological station. Hurricane-force winds are regularly reported here. Even standing 42 meters above the sea, waves may reach to the height of the lighthouse itself. Pictures of this lighthouse in times of storm, partially concealed by ocean waves breaking over the tower, have been featured on many magazine covers, in the tabloids, and in many a tourist brochure.

Kråkenes Lighthouse is found on the northwestern tip of the island. An old German-built road to the lighthouse has been improved and it is possible to drive all the way to the lighthouse station. The station can accommodate 12 – 13 visitors in its two houses. The distance from the lighthouse to Kråkenesbygda is two kilometres. The hamlet now has 30 permanent residents, but previously up to 100 persons lived there.


Kråkenes Lighthouse Bridal Suite

Kråkenes Bridal Suite

  • The lighthouse is run at a high standard by an enterprising German couple Thomas and Bettina Bickhardt . You can either stay in the former lighthouse keeper’s house with self-catering facilities or enjoy the splendid top-floor suite, with bathroom, in the lighthouse itself. Meals are also available, if you order in advance.
  • For details on the various rental seasons, rental options, and prices, click here and choose Accommodation from the menu at the top of the page.
  • The bridal suite is open all year. It is a three-room apartment with it’s own bath and kitchen.


Getting There

You can get to Kråkenes by helicopter from Bergen. Contact Bergen Helikopter (soon to have an English language section). See the posting on Bergen Helikopter.

Huge waves and hurricane at Kråkenes Lighthouse, Stad, Norway. Video by Svein-Magne Tunli

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