Kvanhovden Lighthouse

Kvanhovden Lighthouse
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Kvanhovden Lighthouse stands high up on a crag, at the end of a peninsula in the northwest of the island of Hovden. The city of Florø lies to the southeast in the western, central part of Sogn og Fjordane county. The waters around Florø are dangerous and exposed, and consequently three lighthouses were built in the area. Two of them, Stabben and Kvanhovden are now automated and unmanned. The third and largest, Ytterøyane, is still manned.

Kvanhovden Lighthouse, built in 1895 and automated in 1980, stands right out on the coast, where the sky meets the sea. It rises 131 feet (40 meters) above sea level high tide mark. The view from the cliff the lighthouse stands on is incredible.

Getting to Kvandovden

  • Flights are available from Bergen and Olso to Florø airport on DAT (Danish Air Transport).
  • From Florø, you take a local boat to Barekstad on the southeast coast of Hovden Island. Generally, there are five or six boat trips are going to the island every weekday. The island is a 30 minute boat ride from Florø.
  • With Fjord1’s express boat departing daily from Bergen, going on day-or weekend trips is easy.

To Do

There is a lot of shallow areas in the waters west of Florø, which makes the coast around Florø ideal for diving most of the year. An abundance of shipwrecks are located beneath these waters, which attract divers from all over. The fishing and hiking on Hovden Island are also great.


  • The house is simply furnished, with just the basic essentials, and there is room for 15 people in three bedrooms.
  • You have to bring your own bedding


Fjordkysten – You can’t go any further west in Norway than here.

The Coast of Fjords (Fjordkysten) is an entry point to some of the most wonderful fjord experiences in the world, offering a selection of the best of Norway gathered within an easily covered area. FjordKysten is at the intersection between the open sea in the west and the world-renowned fjords which cut eastwards into the country, and comprises the municipalities of Gulen, Solund, Hyllestad, Fjaler, Askvoll, Flora and Bremanger.

The forces of nature are powerful where the fjords meet the open sea. Here, 
wind and waves have shaped the landscape through thousands of years, creating distinctive coastal landmarks, some of which have been important navigation points for sailors for centuries. Where the fjord and the sea meet, nature offers the most magnificent of sights, sounds and experiences.

The westernmost town in Norway, Florø, was founded in 1860. At that time the herring fisheries were just as important for Norway as the oil industry is today, and Florø was one of the largest centres for those fisheries. Florø has a population of approximately 11,400 people. Florø is an idyllic city, surrounded by beautiful nature wel worth exploring.

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