Kvassheim Lighthouse – Friluftsfyret Kvassheim

Kvassheim Lighthouse – Friluftsfyret Kvassheim
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Kvassheim Lighthouse was in operation from 1912 to 1990. Now, it serves as an information and leisure center, named Friluftsfyret Kvassheim in Norwegian. It stands on the beach at Kvassheim in Vigrestad, Hå. This is part of the traditional Jæren district of which Stavanger is the principal city.

The Jæren coast has five principal lighthouses all of which can visited on day trips from Stavanger. From north to south, they are: Tungeness, Feistein, Obrestad, Kvassheim, and Lille Prestesskjær Lighthouses.

When built, the lighthouse consisted of a residential building and a lighthouse towering 39 feet (12 meters) above the ground. A few years later the fog signal was replaced with an electrically powered horn.

Kvassheim Lighthouse was staffed and in operation until 1990, when the lighthouse was  replaced with an automatic beacon at Kvassheim port. Kvassheim port was built in the 1930s. The stone breakwater has served as a refuge for small boats and as a base for smaller fishing boats.

Kvassheim Lighthouse was transferred to the Directorate for Nature Management in 2004. Jæren Outdoor Recreation has been responsible for rebuilding of the lighthouse and transforming it into an information and leisure center. The machine building became a café and meeting room in 2007. The addition to the main building was completed in 2010 and houses exhibits about the life history and wetlands in that area. A large car park has been added at Kvassheim port. Kvassheim Lighthouse and Kvassheim harbor are part of the Jæren conservation area.

Kvassheim Lighthouse is one of the rest-stops on Jæren National Tourist Route that will be completed in 2012.

Opening Hours:

January 7–November 28; Sundays: 11AM–5PM (closed November 28–January 7)
June 20–August 19; daily, except Saturdays: 11AM–5PM


When the lighthouse is not open to the public it can be rented by organizations, private enterprises, or for private parties. The income goes to the operation of the lighthouse.

Rates 2011

  • Companies: NOK 4,600
  • Private: NOK 3,100
  • Associations/groups: NOK 2,000
  • Day seminars, 8am–4pm: NOK 2,000

All prices include floor cleaning.


Contact Jæren Friluftsråd, Nikkelveien 4, N-4313 Sandnes
e-mail  post@jarenfri.no
Tel.L+47 51 66 71 70.
Website (in Norwegian only) Friluftsfyret Kvassheim.


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