Kvitsøy Lighthouse, aiding sailors since 1700

Kvitsøy Lighthouse, aiding sailors since 1700
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Kvitsøy Lighthouse

  • Kvitsøy has operated as a navigation light since about 1700. The present light was automated 1969 and has been a protected building since 1998.
  • The 1829 lighthouse had a height of 18 m (59 ft); the tower was extended by 7 m (23 ft) in 1859 and gained another 2 m (7 ft) when a first order lantern was installed in 1910. The 1829 tower had coal burners at the top.
  • The tower was designed to incorporate keeper’s quarters, but the Lighthouse Association page says the interior is “relatively bare” today.
  • The lighthouse is located near the west end of the island in the village of Kvitsøy.
  • The site is open. Guided tours of the tower can be arranged in Ydstebøhavn which is the administrative centre of Kvitsøy municipality. A trail leads to the lighthouse from Ydstebøhavn and continues west to the sea.
  • From the lighthouse, there is a panoramic view of the ocean to the west, the thousands of islands and reefs which Kvitsøy contains, and the old wooden houses in Ydstebøhavn just below.
  • This is an active lighthouse; focal plane 45 m (148 ft); 4 white flashes every 40 s. 27 m (89 ft) octagonal stone tower with lantern and gallery. 2nd order Fresnel lens in use.
  • The tower is painted white, lantern red.

 Guided Tours

  • Guided tours are conducted to the top of the tower where the views of the region are spectacular.
Saturdays in July 1–3 PM
  • Sundays throughout the summer holidays from 1–3 PM
  • Children NOK 15, Adults NOK 30
  • Contact the guide Sofus Tønneson at Tel.: +47 911 99 560

Kvitsøy Municipality

  • Kvitsøy Municipality manages the site.
  • 4180 KVITSØY
  • Tel: +47 51 73 63 00, Fax: +47 51 73 63 01
  • post@kvitsoy.kommune.no
  •  The Kvitsøy municipality occupies a small group of islands about 8 km (5 mi) west of the entrance to Stavanger’s harbor. There is a town (Ydstebøhavn) on the largest island, and ferry service is available daily from Stavanger. The municipality is an archipelago situated 2 nautical miles (3.7 km; 2.3 mi) northwest of the coast of the Stavanger peninsula. The largest island is connected with only a few of the other islands in the archipelago.

Kvitsøy Stone Cross, Kvitsøy Church

The famous Kvitsøy Stone Cross was erected circa 800–1050 C.E.—the Viking Age.  Some say it was put there by English missionaries in the 900s while others claim it was raised by Erling Skjalgsson and Olav Haraldsson, Viking chiefs, in 1016. There are a number of large stone crosses along the west coast of the Norway. Kvitsøy is first mentioned in the Snorre Saga, where Snorre records a truce being made between King Olaf II of Norway later to be known as St. Olav (Hellige Olav) and Erling Sjalgsson, under the stone cross.

The Kvitsøy church dates to 1620 and is one of the most visited places on the island.

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