Lighthouses of Sogn og Fjordane

Lighthouses of Sogn og Fjordane
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Long before the development of modern travel, tourists have come to marvel at the beauty of this part of Norway. It's most famous feature is undoubtedly the Sognefjord and the wonderful villages along its 127 mile (240 kilometer) length. Sogn og Fjordane is located in Western Norway and it is definitely fjord territory.

For the lighthouse enthusiast, there are eight major lighthouses, seven of which offer overnight accommodations in an array of appealing locations. From north to south they are:

Getting To Sogn og Fjordane

  • BY PLANE There are four small airports in Sogn og Fjordane:
    Sogndal (IATA: SOG)
    Florø (IATA: FRO)
    Førde (IATA: FDE)
    Sandane (IATA: SDN).
    All of these airports have scheduled flights from Oslo and Bergen. The nearest airport with international air traffic is in Bergen (IATA: BGO).
  • BY BUS There are long-distance coach lines from Bergen, Ålesund, Trondheim, and Oslo.
  • BY BOAT There are two high-speed catamaran services from Bergen. One runs from Bergen up the coast and into the Sognefjord, ending in Flåm. The other runs up the coast of Sogn og Fjordane, ending at Selje at the border with Møre og Romsdal. Hurtigruten (Norwegian Costal Steamer) calls Florø and Måløy.
  • BY CAR E39 is the major route from Bergen. From north on E39, from Ålesund. E16 from Oslo. Route 55 from Lom is a beautiful scenic drive over the highest mountain pass in Norway, 1440 m (4724 ft) above sea level.
  • BY RAIL Sogn og Fjordane has only one railway line, The Flamsbana. This justly-famous railway runs between Myrdal and Flåm. It is a great scenic ride and a big tourist atraction. Myrdal is a station on the Oslo-Bergen line. A train journey from Oslo to Myrdal and then to Flåm, is a interesting way to enter Sogn og Fjordane.

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