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Lighthouses of the Jæren Coast

Lighthouses of the Jæren Coast
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Norway’s Jæren coast is one of those areas of Norway – and there are many – which can be justly described as extraordinarily beautiful.

Jæren is a traditional district in the county of Rogaland which encompasses Norway’s fourth largest city, Stavanger. Jæren stretches from the municipality of Randaberg in the north to Hå in the south. The coast is flat compared to the rest of the Norwegian coast, and has sandy beaches along most of the coastline. This is Norway’s food basket with feritle soil and long growing season. There are mile upon mile of sandy beaches and sand dunes, only broken by boulders and salmon rivers.

Board surfers and wind surfers flock here for the wonderful beaches. But you needed be one of them to enjoy these beautiful beaches.

The lighthouse lover can take a marvelous journey from lighthouse to lighthouse, setting out from Stavanger and following the coastline, first a little north to hit Tungenes Lighthouse and then turning south to visit, by turn, Feistein, Obrestad, Kvassheim and Lille Presteskjær lighthouses. Accommodations are available at these lighthouses. For details on accommodations, see our pages for each for lighthouse.

On the way south, the traveler comes upon Norway’s wonderful Jæren National Tourist Routes. Beginning at Bore the route follow the gorgeous coastline for 25 miles to Ogna, just north of Lille Presteskjær Lighthouse. There are great pictures of the sights along the route at the National Tourist Routes site.


Despite its age, dating back at least to the Viking Age, Stavanger grew to it’s present size and status only in the 2nd half of the 20th centuy. It is a beautiful city that sits by the harbor and stretches into the land with narrow cobbled streets between white houses. Getting to Stavanger is now easier that ever since Icelandair inaugurated direct flight from New York City (JFK). Cars can be rented in Stavanger from Hertz. At the southern end of the tour of lighthouses, you can choose to drive back to Stavanger, or you may elect to go by train via the Jærbanen (Jæren Line railroad) which connects Egersund with Stavangerrail.

Lighthouse to lighthouse on the Jæren coast

  • From Stavanger, drive north on highway E39 towards Mekjarvik and turn off for Randaberg. Follow the signs to Tungenes lighthouse.

Back on E39, at Tastatorget, make the turn for Kvernevik. Continue on Rv509 to the port of Tananger to see the memorial to the girls of Flatholmen lighthouse,
  • Staying on Rv509,  you meet Rv510 and drive southwards to Bore.
  • Take a right turn on Rv507 – Feistein lighthouse can be spied to the right.
  • At Nærbø you drive a short stretch on Rv44 before turning off for Obrestad lighthouse. It has a fascinating history and is a great area for walks.
  • Back on Rv44 your journey continues southwards to Kvassheim lighthouse, which offers exhibitions as well as accommodation.
  • Continue southwards on Rv44 to Egersund, turn off on Rv502 to Eigerøy island, follow the signposts and drive to the parking area before the lighthouse. The last stretch is completed on foot. Please not that this is a protected birdlife area; dogs are prohibited 15 March – 15 Oct.
  • Return the same way to Rv44 and continue south to Rekefjord. Here you can be shuttled by boat to Lille Presteskjær lighthouse.
  • It is also possible to return to Stavanger by train via the Jærbanen (Jæren Line railroad) which connect Egersund with Stavanger.

Surfing the Jæren Coast

The Beauty of the Jaren Coast, Parts 1 and 2

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