Lille Herbern, Oslo harbor restaurant

Lille Herbern, Oslo harbor restaurant
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Lille Herbern

  • Lille Herbern is a pretty islet in the Olsofjord. It  lies just south of Bygdøy peninsula on the western side of Olso, and is within eyeshot of Dyna Lighthouse a little to the west.
  •  Lille Herbern restaurant has been continuously feeding guests since 1929. This makes it one of the oldest restaurants in Oslo. It is a place to enjoy fresh seafood and casual atmosphere
  • In the beginning, Lille Herbern islet served as a waiting place for ships coming to and leaving from Christiania (the former name of Oslo). Passengers were served food, and in time, a beautiful Swiss-style villa was erected. This handsome villa was designed in 1918 by architect Lars Backer. Backer is probably best known today for Ekebergrestauranten, but also Frogner cinema, restaurant and Skansen restaurant.
  • Lille Herbern restaurant shares the islet with the Oslo Seilforening (Oslo Sailing Association), one of the oldest sailing clubs in Norway. Founded in 1886, the association bought the islet in 1926. The club has about 600 members (as of 2006) and about 180 dock spaces.

Contact and Information

  • How to get there:
    Transportation with bus or ferry to Bygdøynes
    Bus: No.30 > Bygdøynes
    Ferry: No.91 > Bygdøynes
    From there, walk approximately 300 m and take the first road to your left after the museums
    Wait or call for the ferry to take you across to Lille Herbern island.
  • Address: Herbernveien 1, 0286 Oslo
  • Tel.: +47 22 44 97 00
  • Email: geir@lilleherbern.no
  • Website: www.lilleherbern.no
  • On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/lilleherbern?fref=ts

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