Lindesnes Lighthouse

Lindesnes Lighthouse
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The Lindesnes Region is a district in the county of Vest-Agder, located 30 minutes by car west of Kristiansand. Lindesnes is the southernmost region in Norway. The main city in the region is Mandal, with 14,000 inhabitants. The region reaches from the sea and up to the mountains, and also contains the Mandalselva River, wich is considered for beeing on of the best salmon rivers in Norway.

First lit in 1655, Lindesnes Lighthouse is Norway’s oldest lighthouse. It lies on the southernmost tip of the Norwegian mainland on the peninsula Neset and is 1,564.6 miles (2,518 kilometes) from the extreme northern end of Norway, North Cape. It was no coincidence that Lindesnes was the place where the first lighthouse in Norway was lit. Ever since the Middle Ages, Lindesnes, or “headland”, as the spot was called, has been one of the most important naviagation landmarks for boats for sailing between the North and Baltic Seas. The lighthouse has gone through several changes since it was built. In 1822, it was refitted with a coal lamp, and in 1854 a new lamp was installed with the current lens. It is 17.6 yards (16.1 meters) tall and emits a quick white flash every 20 seconds.

The lighthouse has been designated a National Lighthouse Museum, and hosts various exhibitions relating to the development and history of lighthouses, maritime culture, and so on. The underground hall below the lighthouse houses a cinema, various exhibitions, and a café. The complex also comprises an information center, a kiosk, a restaurant, and a gallery.Visitors can see the remains of a German fort from World War II closeby. There is excellent fishing here and the vicinity is great for hiking.

Accomodations in the Lighthouse Apartment

The apartment has the lightshouse’s best views south towards the sea. Accommodations are available year-round. The apartment was renovated in January 2011 and is equipped for six persons. There are four beds in the bedroom on the second floor and there is a sofabed in the living room. In addition, there is a cot and a mattress. The apartment is equipped with bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchen and living room.  Other amenities include: wireless network, wood-burning stove, comfortable furniture, and beds, flat-screen TV with satellite channels.

The apartment can be rented year-round, for a single day, a weekend or full weeks. In high season, leases are generally by the week only, but shorter lease is possible by contacting the Lighthouse. Cats and dogs are not allowed.

Rental Rates

Per day and per week (2011):

  • January 1 – June 19: NOK 950, NOK 5700
  • June 20 – August 14: By the week only. NOK 7000
  • August 15 – December 31: NOK 950, NOK 5700


E-mail: post@lindesnesfyr.no
Phone: +47 90 20 78 10

Lindenes Fyr on Facebook Lots of great pictures.

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