Litløy Lighthouse turns 100 in 2012

Litløy Lighthouse turns 100 in 2012
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Litløy Lighthouse was built 1912 and fully automated in 2004
. It stands 25.7 feet (10.9 meters) tall and 182 feet (55.5 meters) above the high tide mark. The name Litløy means little island in Norwegian and that is the name of the island on which the lighthouse stands.

Litløya is in Bø municipality, Nordland, Norway. The area is called Vesterålen, the northern neighbor to the Lofoten islands.


  • In the mid-1980s the light was automated. The people who worked at Litløy Lighthouse remained, however, first and foremost to do maintenance at the lighthouse and nearby beacons. Also, there was a need to keep shipping activity under observation, both to control and assist if need be. There was also a metrological weather station on the island. Eventually the cost of keeping the staff at the island caused the lighthouse to be depopulated 26 June, 2003.
  • In 2005–06, the Norwegian Coastal Administration (NCA) sold 20 lighthouses along the coast of Norway. One of these was Litløy Lighthouse. Bø municipality chose not to accept ownership. It was then sold to Ellen Marie Hansteensen. She bought the lighthouse in order to make it accessible to the public, in accordance to Norwegian law.
  • Since 2006, Hansteensen has renovated much of the property to offer accommodation and daytime visitors an opportuity to explore the island.  There are also guided tours of the facility, on request.
  • Hansteensen is the island’s only remaining inhabitant and lives here all year long together with two Norwegian forest cats. She receives guests in all four seasons.

Midnight Sun & Northern Lights

In the summer, the area enjoys the warmth and light of the midnight sun. Autumn is 
full of lovely berries to be picked and prepared. Wintertime is perfect for excursions to 
admire the northern light (when it snows, there are snow shoes). With the spring come 
the cod, renewed light, and lots of delicious dinners.

Bird watching

  • The White Tailed eagle is nests on Litløy, and can often be seen 
around the lighthouse in autumn and winter. Shags  abound on the surrounding rocks. And puffins can bee spotted during 
early summer months of May and June. Colonies of Gannets nest on a 
neighboring islet. Migrating birds use Litløy as a transit and 
around 60 different kinds of birds have been observed so far.

Climbing mountains

  • The neighbouring island, Gaukværøy, is a great place for climbing to get a bird’s perspective on life. Together, the two islands 
Litløy and Gaukværøy, were a cultural centre in the sea from around 1500.

Kayaking & diving

  • This is a great area for kayakers, with lots of islets, rocks and a teaming bird life. And there are the  whales and seals. Kayaks can be rented at the local club.
  • Diving is also interesting good the island. The local diving club can help out.


  • The Lighthouse Keepers Residence. 
There are four double rooms for guests. 
Guests share the small library, the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and toilet.
  • The Lighthouse Tower
. This has a 360° view out over the sea and mountains from the top, 182 feet above the water. There are plans to convert the tower into a private suite..
  • Working guest program. You’re welcome to pay your stay at the lighthouse in return of some 
daily turns of work, if you stay two weeks or longer. Read more.


Litløy lighthouse – a natural pearl in Vesterålen

Spring at Litløy Fyr

See larger map.

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