Litløy Lighthouse – Islands rentals

Litløy Lighthouse – Islands rentals
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Ever dreamt about being alone on an island in the open sea? You’re given the opportunity at Littleisland Lighthouse. It takes a ride in an open boat and a climb up 300 steps, but then you’re here. You can explore nature. Find strength or peace. Take in the calm. Littleisland Lighthouse is a place where you can simply be present and let yourself be inspired.


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£ 235.00 / night, minimum stay of 2 nights



Two double  rooms, cozy  lounge  and  relaxing  dining  area  with  spectacular  views  of  the  sea  offer guests a comfortable yet exhilarating experience. All meals are provided, with vegetarian and other dietary requests welcomed.

This  winter,  we’ll  have  two  simple  and  peaceful  double rooms available with an unrivalled view to the open sea and the  Lofoten  islands.  There  are  separate bathrooms  and adjacent  guest  library with  a  wood  burner  where  you  can relax. Take pleasure in our personal and cosy atmosphere.


How to reach Littleisland Lighthouse? 

Closest airport is named Skagen and there is a local airport in Vesteralen, Stokmarknes. An airport shuttle will take you from there to Sortland town.

Another alternative is the airport called Evenes, situated between the two cities Harstad and Narvik – an airport shuttle will normally transfer you to Sortland town. Then you continue with the local bus to Steine in Bø.

You’re welcome to contact us for bus schedules.

‘Littleisland shuttle’ helps you with the boat ride to the lighthouse.

We have a so called RIB boat, which takes you to Littleisland Lighthouse at your convenience. When the weather is good the ride takes around 15 minutes from the closest mainland, Vinje in Bø – a bit more if the sea is uneasy.


‘Littleisland shuttle’ uses an open boat and has floating suits for all passengers. The price is 60 Euros per person, however the boat transfer is included when staying over night.

In wintertime it is important to chose an early arrival, so the boat shuttle to Littleisland Lighthouse can be done while we still have some daylight. The days are short in winter.

Littleisland Lighthouse Hotel – an arctic secret from Elena Hansteensen on Vimeo.

Things to see

During wintertime  this  is  the  perfect  place  to discover the Northern Lights. Out in the ocean with nothing to distract from an extraordinary show.  The  Northern  Lights,  a  natural phenomenon  that  can  fill  the  night  sky  with dancing curtains  of  light,  are  at  their  most beautiful  following  periods  of  intense  solar wind activity. Earlier this year, NASA scientists predicted  the  Winter  2012/13  aurora  season would  be  the  brightest  and  most  prolific  in more than half a century.


Things to do

There are many adventures to be had on the island, allow yourself to disappear into nature along the culture path that meanders around the (70 ha large) island past ancient settlements and a 40m deep cave. Take in the sea air and silence as you watch for eagles and orcas.

If you would like a guided excursion, we can take you to explore Littleisland whilst explaining some of its long and captivating history. It is also possible to take a trip to the neighbouring island to investigate and climb high above the sea.

Return of the cod

If coming for the long weekend stay, weather permitting, it will be possible to go out on the boat for some fishing against the backdrop of the vast Lofoten mountain range where the Gulf Stream warms the Norwegian Sea and the cod arrive in their thousands to spawn. Catch some fresh fish then bring it back to the island to enjoy for dinner that very night.

Orcas at Littleisland Lighthouse! from Elena Hansteensen on Vimeo.

Best time of year to visit

All year

Disclaimer: Lighthouses of Norway is not afficiated with  www.visiwa.com. For more on Litløy Lighthouse on this site, click here.

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