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Myken Lighthouse

Myken Lighthouse
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Myken Lighthouse, in the outer archipelago in north Norway (see Google map below), is an unique opportunity to experience the ocean, nature, and people in a tiny fishing village that exists almost in defiance of natural forces. Situated north of the Arctic circle, you can enjoy the long, bright Nordland summer, the midnight sun, fish for cod, and enjoy the abundant bird life. You can dive in the crystal clear waters, ride the waves windsurfing, or row quietly between the islands. And if you are lucky, you will experience a nature show with wind from the north, storms, and high waves in a powerful interplay between sea and sky. Bring your family, friends or colleagues. and experience a different holiday.


Stay at Myken Lighthouse

You can stay in Myken Lighthouse, under the very lantern that keeps ships safe and clear from shoals and reefs in the dark season.

It is an experience to live in the former lighthouse keeper’s restored living quarters at Myken. The lighthouse is located on it’s own island on the north side of the well-sheltered harbor. From the lighthouse you have 360 degree panoramic views as far as the eye can see. Envision the famous mountain range along the mainland, from the Seven Sisters in the south to Landegode in the north – as a continuous backdrop.

The hosts welcome groups of 4–8 people for stays of 2 nights or more. The standard is good, with made-up beds and dishwasher. A boat with outboard motor, life jackets, and fishing equipment are included in the price. Petrol is paid according to consumption.

The price of renting the lighthouse depends on the number of persons and days. For further information, call Gro Bygdevoll on phone +47 952 72 010, e-mail bygdevoll@gmail.com


About Myken Lighthouse

Few people have stayed at a lighthouse. Now, you can live as lighthouse keepers did in the past, just more comfortable …. Most people associate a lighthouse with a dizzying high tower with a spiral staircase. That’s not Myken Lighthouse. It consists of white-painted wooden houses with a beacon on the roof. The lighthouse was built in 1917 and was manned until 1974. The lighthouse is still operational. Lighthouse keeper’s residence is renovated and decorated to welcome guests.

The lighthouse has 8 beds in double rooms, living room, modern fitted kitchen and bathroom. The place can be rented self-catered or with meals by arrangement.

The hosts, Gro and Helge, welcome you to an exciting stay in a comfortable and pleasant lighthouse building.

Note that the lighthouse is not available for excursions when it is rented to visitors. Excursions are by appointment only.


Traveling to and from Myken

Myken Catamaran

MS Rødøyløven

Myken, the last outpost before the open seas, is located 32 kilometers from the mainland. Your starting points would be either from Bodø, Sandnessjøen, or Tonnes.

Get to Myken by speedboat (catamaran) MS Rødøyløven, with departures from Tonnes or Vågaholmen which again are reached by connecting speed boat from Bodø or Sandnessjøen.

Many people prefer to drive to Tonnes and take MS Rødøyløven from there. The boat-ride from Tonnes or Vågaholmen to Myken takes 2 – 2.5 hours.

  • When traveling to Myken Monday–Friday, the best option is to depart from Tonnes at 7:45 pm, arriving Myken approx. 9:30 pm.
  • When traveling from Myken Monday–Friday, the boat departs at 5:05 am. For other travel times, visit Torghatten Nord.


Links to various travel options and timetables:

Myken Diving

Myken offers great diving, great kelp forests, sandy and good fishing and photo opportunities. Photo: Christian Skauge


The word activities might scare off those who want to experience nature in peace, without ever having to do anything. Remember, it is allowed to do nothing, or, to restrict the activity to walking on the surrounding islands. But for those who want to fish, dive, sail, or row, the possibilities are many.

  • BOATING: The stay on Myken Lighthouse includes free use of a 17-foot open fiberglass boat with outboard motor and fishing gear ², thermal overalls, jackets and other equipment. In addition, it is possible to rent an 18-foot “skjærgårdsjeep” with a 90 HP engine, for NOK 500/day ².
  • DIVING: Myken is a paradise for sports divers, with magnificent underwater scenery, kelp forests, and an incredibly rich marine life. You can dive straight from the pier below the lighthouse, or go out to the numerous dive sites by boat. In some places there are lots of clams and crabs, so the possibility of a self-trapped dinner is present – whether you cook it yourself or leave it to the hosts. There is a small compressor on the island, but all the necessary diving equipment must be brought by the visitors. (Fortunately, there is ample space on board MS Rødøyløven, the boat that transports guests from the mainland and out to Myken.)
  • WINDSURFING: It blows a lot on Myken, and this provides good conditions for windsurfing. Bring your board and wetsuit, and you will get great surfing experiences between the islands and the open ocean.
  • SAILING COURSE: Helge Eriksen holds annual sailing course with Colin Archer-boat SY Josephine. This is an exciting and educational activity that unfortunately makes vacation time to go too fast. Sailing courses are also popular in connection with corporate events, kick-offs, and the like.
  • HIKING AND BIRDWATCHING: Myken has great hiking terrain, and the rich birdlife keeps ornithologists as well as interested visitors in the spirit. From the lighthouse you can walk south on Jutøya, across the great breakwater pier – dating back to beginning of the last century – and over the Grytøya. This is connected with Finnøya via Vestermoloen, a nesting area for cormorants, gulls, black guillemots, and oystercatchers ¹.
    • ON SULØYA, where Mykens inhabitants live, you can hike to Sørløkta, an automatic lighthouse far south of the island, 26 m above sea level. The trip is a wonderful opportunity to experience the dramatic power of the ocean breaking against the shore.
    • Sjuløya also offers the exciting Dørsteinvika, where at low tide you can see exciting potholes carved in bedrock by the sea, and you can take a closer look at the anemones and small crabs in “fjærepyttene.” This is a place children are particularly fond of.

¹) Please note that disturbing the birds during the breeding season is prohibited. Please contact us for further information.
²) Gasoline is additional.

Myken Teist

Theists are happy at Myken, and are particularly fond of sunbathing on the pier below Myken Lighthouse. Photo: Christian Skauge

Myken Rocks

Dørgsteinvika has stones of all shapes and colors, and the kids love to play in the exciting potholes. Photo: Christian Skauge



Odinplassen (Odin Place)

Odin place is a house for rent provided by Myken Vel. The house is newly renovated and is centrally located on the island, near the ferry pier. It consists of a combined living room/kitchen, 3 bedrooms with two beds each, and shared bathroom.

For more information, rates, and reservations, contact Gro Bygdevoll, mobile +47 952 72010, e-mail bygdevoll@gmail.com.

Karenstua Kafé

Karenstua Kafé

Karenstua Kafé

Do not miss Karenstua (Karen House) Kafé – a tiny café located in a small Nordland-house on Sjuløya. Here, both locals and visitors meet for a friendly chat, a good drink, and a delicious meal.

Karenstua has three small tables in a cozy living room, and is always full of guests. The café is known far outside municipal borders – for its good food, usually from the sea, at affordable prices. Here you can get a full dinner, a cup of coffee or a snack, whatever suits you.

Karenstua welcomes locals, tourists and boaters, and it’s an easy place to connect with people.

Opening hours: Sunday–Thursday from 5 pm till midnight; Friday and Saturday from 5 pm until 1 am.

New specials every day; children’s menu on request. Karenstua Café is fully licensed.

Please note that Karenstua Café accepts cash only.


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