National Tourist Routes

National Tourist Routes

Construction of the National Tourist Routes started in 2005. To date, six stretches of road have been granted full status as National Tourist Routes: Sognefjellet, Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, Hardanger, Helgelandskysten North, Lofoten, and Rondane. The next in line is the Geiranger–Trollstigen route, planned for approval in 2012. More than one hundred rest areas have been established, and several new ones are foreseen in the years to come.

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Marketing of the National Tourist Routes as a complete attraction comprising 18 stretches of road started in fall 2011. According to plan, all stretches will emerge as fully-fledged tourist routes by 2020. A particular stretch of road is approved as a National Tourist Route only after fulfilling certain quality criteria.

The content and long-term quality of all stretches depend on continued attention. Each tourist route will, therefore, undergo a quality review every five years.

A stunning exhibit named “Detour” was brought to a number of cities throughout the U.S.

eBook about National Tourist Routes

This 214-page, beautifully designed ebook provides an overview of architecture and design along 18 National Tourist Routes and can be viewed full-screen.

National Tourist Routes in Norway Website

The website contains 18 areas or routes, each with general information; nature, architecture, about route, map, and travel info.

From North to South

  1. Varanger
  2. Havøysund
  3. Senja
  4. Andøya
  5. Lofoten
  6. Helgelandskysten North
  7. Helgelandskysten South
  8. Atlantic Road
  9. Geiranger – Trollstigen
  10. Rondane
  11. Gamle (Old) Stynefjellsvegen
  12. Sognefjellet
  13. Gaularfjellet
  14. Aurlandsfjellet
  15. Valdresflye
  16. Hardanger
  17. Ryfylke
  18. Jæren