Norway by Region

Norway is divided into five major regions. The division into regions is, by convention, based on geographical and also dialectical differences, but it also follows the county borders, approximately. Other region division systems exist for various purposes of government. Administratively, the traditional regions – as indicated on the map in the sidebar – play less of a role; the major administrative units are at county level. (See counties below.)

At least parts of Møre og Romsdal – particularly Nordmøre – identifies more with Trøndelag than with Vestlandet.

The region Midt-Norway (Central Norway) is often used as a synonym to Trøndelag, but also includes Møre og Romsdal (Nordmøre and parts of Romsdal). Occasionally, Rogaland, or parts of Rogaland, is grouped with Southern Norway instead of Western Norway.

In the Lighthouses of Norway website, Norway is divided into five areas that do not necessarily follow the “accurate” definition of regions. This decision is partly based on international connections to main cities and airports.

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Norway by Counties

East Norway Counties

  • Buskerud
  • Hedemark (no lighthouses)
  • Oppland (no lighthouses)
  • Akershus
  • Oslo • Oslo
  • Vestfold
  • Østfold

South Norway Counties

  • Rogaland • Stavanger
  • Telemark
  • Vest-Agder
  • Aust-Agder

West Norway Counties

  • Sogn og Fjordane
  • Hordaland • Bergen

Mid-Norway Counties

  • Nord-Trøndelag
  • Sør-Trøndelag • Trondheim
  • Møre og Romsdal

North Norway Counties

  • Finnmark
  • Troms • Tromsø
  • Nordland