Odderøya Lighthouse – guarding Kristiansand

Odderøya Lighthouse – guarding Kristiansand
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Odderøya Lighthouse, Kristiansand, Vest-Adger, Norway. The station was established 1832,  and automated 1984.

  • There is a 26-foot (8 meter) tall square cylindrical tower with lantern and gallery, attached to one end of a 1-1/2 story keeper’s house. The building is painted white, the lantern red. A fog bell is mounted on the front of the tower.The detached fog bell facility is the only one of its kind that is preserved in the country.  The automated, active light stands in front of the lighthouse. The building has been transferred to the city of Kristiansand for use as a center for meetings and cultural events. The site  is open, tower closed. Site manager: Kristiansand Kommune. Protection Status: Listed by the Cultural Heritage Act
  • It stands at the end of the Odderøya island, which projects into Kristiansandsfjorden and protects the harbor of the city. The lighthouse was built simultaneously with Oksøy Lighthouse, having functional and visual connection with it and later with Grønningen Lighthouse. These three lighthouses form a coherent structure of navigational aids for the approach to the coast of Kristiansand harbor.


  • Odderøya is connected to the mainland by two bridges. The island creates a natural division between eastern and western port of Kristiansand. The canal Gravanekanalen separates Odderøya from the city center and Fiskebrygga (the fish market). The island is, until recently, mostly undeveloped, but there is discussion to build homes there..
  • There are many interesting traces of military activity on the island, with various military activity from 1667 until 1999, when the fortress was phased out. The quarantine station at Odderøya was the largest in Northern Europe and was in operation from 1804 to 1914. In 1804, it was a quarantine station for Denmark-Norway and Holstein. The quarantine station at Odderøya was the largest in Northern Europe. In connection with quarantine operations, there exists the Cholera Cemetery.  The quarantine station was separated from the rest of the island with a high wall that runs from the height of the hospital Bendiksbukta. It was built in the years 1800 to 1807 and is under restoration.
  • Odderøya was recently opened to the public 23 June 1992 after the fort was abandoned Odderøya. Now that the area is open,  the island has become a popular excursion and hiking area. And, Odderøya is becoming established as a regional cultural center. There are very popular pop music festivals and concerts held there.

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