Økshammaren Lighthouse

Økshammaren Lighthouse
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Økshammaren Lighthouse (also spelled Økshamaren) stands on the southeast corner of Selbjørn island, one of the islands that make up the archipelago of Austevoll municipality in Hordaland. It stands across the Selbjørnsfjord from Slåtterøy Lighthouse.The nearest town is Bekkjarvik. Økshammaren was established in 1849 and operated until 1918.

Økshammaren Lighthouse

This sort of small automated lighthouse is in operation widely throughout Norway, often replacing the operation of traditional lighthouses.

Økshammaren consists of a square lantern mounted on the seaward end of a 1-1/2 story wood keeper’s house. The house is painted white. This is what was called a “fishing light” because it was operated only during the local fishing season. After deactivation the house was sold as a private residence. Subsequent to closing, an octagonal lantern has been mounted on a concrete pad at the top of a near-vertical cliff. It is located near the historic lighthouse.

Marstein Lighthouse is another lighthouse in Austevoll. Marstein stands on an island to the far northwest of the archipelago.


Austevoll municipality is southwest of Bergen. The municipality is considered to be among the ports in the world with the largest ocean-going fish trawler fleet. Since the 1980s the offshore oil industry and fish farming have grown to be important industries in Austevoll. Selbjørn is the second largest island in the Austevoll municipality.

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