Oksøy Lighthouse, tall and proud

Oksøy Lighthouse, tall and proud
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Oksøy Lighthouse, Kristiansand, Vest-Agder, Norway. Oksøy is located on a small island of the same name in the entrance to Kristiansandsfjorden, about 1 mile (1.7 km) east of Skålevik and the same distance west southwest of Grønningen Lighthouse. Oksøy is accessible only by boat. Site open, tower closed.

  • This historic station, the landfall light for Kristiansand, was staffed until 2004. The Oksøy, Odderøya, and Grønningen lighthouses bracket the entrance to the fjord.
  • Oksøy stands 118 feet (36 m) tall and 154 feet (47 m) above the high tide level. The round cast iron tower is painted white with two narrow red horizontal bands. The original 1st order Fresnel lens is still in use. At 36 meters tall, Oksøy is one of Norway’s  tallest lighthouse—Sletringen outside Trondheim in Sør-Trondelag has the record at 45 meters/147.6  feet.
  • This light station was established in 1832. The current building dates from 1900 and it was automated in 2004. There are several keeper’s houses, a boathouse, and other light station buildings. The original lighthouse was replaced  in 1900. There are still remains of the former lighthouse, pilot station, semaphore station, and a German barracks from WWII.

Bird Sanctuary

Oksøy is a bird sanctuary. Visits to the island are prohibited between 15 April and 15 July. The area is open all year for docking, but the piers are reserved for lighthouse team’s use. If you want to dock, the Coastal Society must be contacted. Note, in the period April 15 to July 15 you can only walk on the pier and up the tower. For further enquiries tel. +47 905 48 224.

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