Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series – Grimstad

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series – Grimstad
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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2012  returns to Norway this July – two years after Kragero hosted the country’s first Red Bull Cliff Diving competition. This year the competition site is Grimstad, home to Homborsund Lighthouse.

Update Monday, July 9th.

Grimstad winners

The Top Three at Grimstad

Englishman Gary Hunt lit everything in Grimstad as the 27-meter champion emerged from the water victorious after the final dive of the day, edging out the American pair of Steven LoBue and Kent De Mond in the process. With the divers reaching speeds of up to 90kph during a descent of less than three seconds, Hunt hit his quad one and a half for nines from the judges to secure first place on Saturday in front of thousands of spectators on boats who glimpsed the spectacular action through thick fog in Norway.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

  • The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series, established in 2009 and created by Red Bull, is an annual international series of cliff diving events in which a limited number of competitors determine the Cliff Diving World Series winner.
  • Divers jump from a platform at a height ranging from 26–28 meters. Competitions are held in a limited number of venues around the globe.
  • The preliminaries in Grimstad took place on Thursday and Friday and the finals are on Saturday, July 8th. After the first competition in France two weeks ago, the tranquil setting of the small town of Grimstad offers the perfect opportunity for the athletes to focus all their energies on their dives as this year’s competition intensifies. Welcome to Grimstad and the second stop of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2012!

Competition Site and Key Facts

  • Location: Volcanic nature reserve off the coast
  • Platform height: 27meters
Average water temperature in July: 20°C
  • Average air temperature in July: 21°C
  • Type of water: Seawater (Skagerrak Strait)

Grimstad is not at all grim.



The first stop on the 2012 tour was Corsica and the second stop in Grimstad represents the most northerly point in the 2012 season. Not as ‘grim’ as it sounds, the 20,000 permanent residents have plenty to be happy about with the region’s good weather and the picturesque landscape surrounding the archipelago that stretches 500 km from Oslo to the southern tip of Norway. The Norwegian coastal town was a part-time home to famous playwright Henrik Ibsen and author Knut Hamsun, with the yearly Short Film Festival and the Enjoyment Festival, which focuses on culture and cuisine, descendants of the port’s literary past.

Spectators are encouraged to bring their boats to watch Saturday’s competition – the water will be the best place from which to watch the action!

Videos from the Red Bull site.

The Reining Champ

Gary Hunt of Great Britain, the World Series champion, had a rare off-day during the first stop in Corsica two weeks ago, but stepped up to the platform for training in Norway and hit his first dive, the triple quad, and his second, a quad one and a half, with real aplomb.

The Englishman, who excels usually with the more difficult dives in later rounds, executed his first required dive, a triple half, for 8.5s from the judges to put him in first place – and on course for another victory in Norway, following his first success here in 2010.  See Gary Hunt in a video

Title challenger Artem Silchenko did not enjoy the first stop either having gone over on a new dive, but the Russian performed his back armstand with two and a half somersaults and two and a half twists with a blind entry almost perfectly during the first day of training.

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