Røværsholmen Lighthouse

Røværsholmen Lighthouse
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Røværsholmen Lighthouse (Norwegian: Røværsholmen Fyrstasjon)

  • Established in 1892 and automated in 1975.
  • The lighthouse stands 50.8 feet (15.5 meters) tall and 73.8 feet (22.5 meters) above the high tide level.
  • Røværsholmen was listed by the Cultural Heritage Act
 as a protected site in 1998.
  •  Located on a small skerry about 800 m (1/2 mi) northwest of the larger island of Røvær and about 12 km (7.5 mi) west northwest of Haugesund. This is the northern part of Rogaland county.
  • Røværsholmen is active; has a focal plane 22 m (72 ft); white, red or green light, depending on direction, 2 s on , 2 s off. Røværsholmen has a 2nd order lens.
  • Røværsholmen has a massive round stone tower with lantern and gallery, painted red.  Next to the tower is a 2-story keeper’s house, the lower story stone and the upper story wood and closely adjoins the lighthouse.
  • The lighthouse is built to withstand waves because winter storms often wash over the islet on which it is built.
  • Accessible only by boat in heavy seas; there is a distant view from Røvær, which is accessible by passenger ferry from Haugesund. Site open, tower closed.

Some of the stone at Røværsholmen comes from Lista Lighthouse where two stone towers were taken down in 1873.  When Lista lighthouse got a new, quick flashing lens in 1873, its three towers were no longer necessary, and so two of the great stone towers were dismantled. One was rebuilt on Halten, while some of the other material were used on Svenner and Røvæeholmen.

Landing conditions on Røværsholmen are difficult, and Røvær island lighthouse is a good example of the challenging living conditions lighthouse keepers often had to deal with. The low, conical cast iron tower is a relatively rare lighthouse type.

In Røværsholmen tower there are six small rooms, and a concrete extension to the tower was in addition to furnished living room and kitchen. There is a small separate woodshed a concrete dock.

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