Skongenes Lighthouse

Skongenes Lighthouse
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There are four lighthouses in the small municipality of Vågsøy (West Norway) which is an indication of its important location for shipping routes. Vågsøy is in the county of Sogn of Fjordane, in the traditional district of Nordfjord. The other three lighthouses here are; Kråkenes, Ulvesund, and Hendanes.  This concentration of lighthouses makes Vågsøy a wonderful destination for the lighthouse enthusiast.

Built in 1870, Skongenes Lighthouse has been automated and unmanned since 1985. Skongenes is very special. Situated on the northeast part of Vågsøy island, It can only be reached by foot, and it’s approximately one hour’s walking distance over the mountain from Halsør or along the seashore. Weather permitting, it is possible to go by boat to the breakwater where visitors can go ashore. The main building is located in a courtyard surrounded by several smaller buildings.

Walks, Hiking, and Fishing

  • Along the rocks southeast of Skongenes is Skongsneshelleren, where it is said that there was a settlement 2400 years ago. The trip here is simple when the rocks are dry – with some scrambling – but when it rains the rocks are slippery, and the journey is perilous.
  • At low tide in the summer the beach and reef just below the lighthouse are great for play. There are anemones, seaweed, crabs, shellfish and birds. Then it is also possible to walk to and from the lighthouse along the stand edge to Sætre sand (unmarked walk along the shore). For safety reasons, this activity is recommended only in the summer at low tide.
  • There’s is a nice steep trail to Vedvik. Great rock and sandy beaches to enjoy in dry weather. Many fine plants.
  • The fishing along the rocks around Skongenes is good.
  • Worth visiting in the area is the Kannenstein, in the village of Oppdal and the tempestuous Kråkenes Lighthouse and cultural lighthouse Ulvesund.


  • In the main building at Skongenes Lighthouse there are four bedrooms providing ten permanent beds plus camp beds that can be placed anywhere. There are duvets and pillows in the attic. Some blankets are also available. Bring along your own linens.
  • Because of the location, any stay is based on a self-service and guests are responsible for bringing their own supplies. The building has a fully equipped kitchen with an oven and some garden furniture in the cowshed.
  • Visitors have to walk along the path to Skongeneset. Luggage and supplies can, upon request, be transported in good weather.
  • The lighthouse keeper’s residence can be used all year round. The house is heated with electricity.
  • At Skongenes you will have the opportunity to experience some fantastic nature both on warm summer days and stormy winter days.
  • Ytre Nordfjord Turlag (Outer Nordfjord Association), which is affiliated to the Norwegian Mountain touing Association (DNT), has the use of this lighthouse and it offers overnight accommodation and day visits.

Rental Prices

Prices: Members of the Tourist Association / Non Members

  • Adults NOK 250 – 300
  • Youths NOK 150 – 200
  • Children NOK 100 – 150


Contact Information

Skongenes Lighthouse
6700 Måløy, Norway
Britt Småvik: +47 93 85 43 98
Arve Kvalheim: +47 99 22 74 70
Anne Laila: +47 91 71 81 23
Visit UT.no, an all-Norway “Outdoors for all” Trip Planner. Choose your language on the home page.
Also visit Ytre Nordjford Turlag (Outer Nordfjord Hiking Association, Norwegian language-only website)

Getting There

You can get to Vågsøy by helicopter from Bergen. Contact Bergen Helikopter (soon to have an English language section). See the posting on Bergen Helikopter.

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