Skrova Lighthouse’s beautiful Lofoten surroundings

Skrova Lighthouse’s beautiful Lofoten surroundings
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The Lofoten archipelago is justly famous for its stark beauty. The wall of mountains running the length of the chain rises up out of the sea forming a backbone stretching some 266 kilometers and yielding thousands of islands and islets at its edges. Here, for more than 1,00 years the great cod fisheries have operated.  While lying within the Arctic Circle, the area experiences anomalously high temperatures. There is evidence of human settlement extending back at least 11,000 years, and the town of Vågan already existed in the early Viking Age.

  • Skrova Lighthouse is on Saltværsholmen island, southwest of the main island of the Skrova island group, part of  Vågan municipality in Nordland
  • Built 1922, automated in 2005, it is accessible only by boat, but there are excellent views from the village of Skrova, which is accessible by ferry from Vågan or from Skutvik on the mainland. Site open, tower closed. It was listed as a protected site in 1999.
  • It is an active lighthouse with a focal plane 41 m (134 ft); two white flashes every 45 s. 24 m (79 ft). It is 104 feet (31.7 meters) tall and stands 134 feet (41 meters) above the high tide level.
  • There is a round cast iron tower with lantern and gallery. The tower is painted red with two white horizontal bands. The keeper’s house, generator house, boathouse, and several auxiliary buildings all survive at this station.

Getting there

  • You can visit the island of Skrova by taking the express passenger boats between Svolvær and Bodø or Narvik, but also the car ferry between Svolvær and Skutvik.
  • Widerøe has flights to Svolvær which is just north of Skrova.

Skrova, Lofoten

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