Stabben Lighthouse is a marvel

Stabben Lighthouse is a marvel
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updated July, 2014

There are three great lighthouses in Florø municipality: Stabben, Kvanhovden, and Ytterøyane lighthouse.

Stabben Lighthouse (Norwegian: Stabben fyr) was established in 1867 and automated 1975. It was listed as a protected site in 1999. Florø is a municipality in The county of Sogn of Fjordane.

The lighthouse was commissioned in 1867. It is 81 feet (15.6 meters) tall and stands 53 feet (16.2 meters) above the high tide mark. The tower was built higher in 1905 and it was then equipped with a 4 order lens apparatus still in use. The lighthouse consists of the lighthouse, a boat, and a landing that is tightly gathered at the small island. Stabben lighthouse is one of the most unique lighthouses in Norway. The building covers almost the entire island in the middle of a busy shipping lane. Towards the northwest, where the skerry is most exposed to the ocean through the Hellefjord, the foundation wall is built like a ship’s bow to minimize the effect of the breakers.

Treacherous waters with extremely strong currents made this lighthouse a must, it being one of the most difficult navigational points along the Norwegian coastline – many ships went down or ran aground, even after the lighthouse became operational. Today the lighthouse is under the supervision of the lighthouse keeper at Ytterøyane further to the west. The lighthouse is now listed in accordance with the Directorate for Cultural Heritage’s National Lighthouse Preservation Plan.

Stabben Lighthouse

Over the past several years, quite a lot of moist damage has been found at Stabben. The Coast Authority has undertaken repairs and it may be some time before overnight accommodations are available. We will update when we have more information.

Lighthouse Safari

  • Kystrafting.no arranges high-speed RIB boat guided tours to the lighthouses around Florø.
  • Duration is typically about 3 hours of which approximately 2 hours are in the boat and 1-1/2 hours on land and lunch.
  • Prices: NOK 10,700 per boat, maximum 12 people
  • Address: Strandgata 30, 6900 Florø
  • Tel.: +47 57 74 30 90
  • Email: post@kystrafting.no
  • Website: www.kystrafting.no (site in Norwegian only)


  • Florø is Sogn og Fjordane’s oldest and Norway’s westernmost city.
  • Getting to Florø: Florø airport has 4 daily flights to Oslo and 5 per day to Bergen. Info on Widerøe’s website.
  • Also, Hurtigruten calls daily at Florø
  • Staying in Florø: Florø Rorbu has a wonderful site with great views at a marina just outside downtown Florø.
  • Florø kommune has useful information for tourists.

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