Store and Lille Færder Lighthouses

Store and Lille Færder Lighthouses
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Store Færder Lighthouse

  • Store Færder Lighthouse (Norwegian: Færder fyr) is a former coastal lighthouse in the municipality of Tjøme in Vestfold, Norway.
  • This station was established in 1697. At the start the light was simply an iron pot placed on the ground.
  • The original fire tower was replaced in 1802 by a coal-fired stone tower; a Fresnel lens was added in 1852, but the lighthouse was deactivated when the Lille Færder lighthouse was completed five years later. Today only the stone foundation ruins of the 1802 station remain.
  • The current structure is a light with a focal plane of 12.5 m (41 ft); flash every 5 s, white, red, or green, depending on direction.
  • 18 foot (5.5 meter) square wood tower with lantern and gallery. Lighthouse painted white; lantern roof painted red.
  • Located at the northern end of Store Færder, an island in the southwestern entrance to Oslofjorden about 5 miles (8 km) east of Tjøme.
  • Accessible only by boat. Site open, tower closed.

Lille Færder, Tristen

  • Established in 1857, Lille Færder Lighthouse was automated in 2005.
  • This is an active light wiht a focal plane of 47 m (154 ft); two white flashes every 10 s.
  • Standing 141 feet (43 m) and 154 feet (47 meters) above high tide level, the round cast iron tower with lantern and gallery is painted dark red with one white horizontal band. This is the second tallest lighthouse in Norway (the tallest being Sletringen Lighthouse).
  • The original 1st order Fresnel lens is in use. Two keeper’s houses and a semaphore station building (the only such building surviving in Norway). Staffed station.
  • This magnificent lighthouse is the landfall light for Oslo. With all its buildings intact and well preserved, Færder is one of the most historically authentic stations in northern Europe. The iron for the light tower was cast in Norway by Bærums Verk. The 150th anniversary of the lighthouse was celebrated in 2007.
  • Located on a small island off the southwestern entrance to Oslofjorden in the municipality of Tjøme in Vestfold, Norway, 5 km (3 mi) south of the Store Færder station it replaced.
  • Accessible only by boat. Site and tower closed.


  • Tjorme is a municipality in Vestfold county, Norway. Tjøme municipality is completely located on islands, the main island being the Tjøme island.
  • There are approximately 4,600 permanent residents on the island, but in the summer months this number rises to around 40,000 inhabitants, including the Norwegian Royal Family who have a summer house on the island. The reason for the extreme increase is mainly the sea sports available in the area and the remarkably good weather. Summers on Tjøme are both warm and sunny, and the beaches are filled with locals and tourists. Tjøme has been nicknamed Sommerøya (English: the summer island). Tourists mostly from the Oslo area visit this charming island.
  • Verdens Ende (English: World’s End, or more figuratively, The End of the Earth) lies at the southern tip of Tjøme Island, and has for years been visited by tourists. Ironically enough, it is not really the end of the world in any sense, but when one stands there and looks out across the vast area of ocean one can forget about the geography and really feel like there is nothing else out there.
  • Tjøme is also a great place for hiking, even though they are limited by the size of the island. The spectacular seaside scenery can be seen all year round.

Færder Regatta

  • Færder Regatta is conducted annual from Oslo to Horten. It is one of the world’s biggest overnight regattas. From its inception in 1947, with seven boats competing, the regatta has grown considerably and in 2012 more than 1000 boats and 4–5,000 sailors will participate. Færderseilasen, also called Færder’n, is a regatta that held on the second weekend in June by the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club.
  • The regatta starts in Oslo for ordinary sailboats and in Son for old yachts. The fastest of the sailboats reach Færder lighthouse. The endpoint is in Horten.[1] Smaller boats turn around at Hollenderbåen or Medfjordbåen. The regatta is open for any member of the Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (KNS), and boats are placed in classes according to their sailing potential. The trip from Oslo to Færder to Horten is about 83 nm long.
 Sailing (Fast boats) Færder Lighthouse

Map: Lille Færder

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Map: Store Færder

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