Storholmen Lighthouse

Storholmen Lighthouse
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Giske Municipality, Møre og Romsdal on the west coast of Norway

  • Storholmen is located on a tiny skerry in the Norwegian Sea about 6 km (3.5 mi) due north of Erkna and 8 km (5 mi) northwest of the populated island of Vigra.
  • Storholman Lighthouse was established in 1920 and automated in 1980.
  • Storholmen Lighthouse is an active lighthouse with a focal plane of 36 m (118 ft); flashing white, red or green light, depending on direction.
  • It stands 22 meters (72 ft)  tall and 35.6 meters (116.8 feet) above high tide level. It has a visibility range of 17 nautical miles.
  • Storholmen Lighthouse has a round cylindrical cast iron tower with lantern and gallery, mounted on a round cylindrical 2-story stone base. The lighthouse is painted red, except for the stone base which is painted white.

  • Keepers were often stranded for long periods at this lighthouse due to weather and sea conditions making landing difficult or impossible. The lighthouse was only accessible by boat in calm seas during the summer, since boats cannot land on the tiny island. Goods and people had to be hoisted onto the island from the sea. From 1970 and until the lighthouse was automated in 1980, transport to the lighthouse was done by helicopter. The narrow 4-by-4-meter (13 × 13 ft) landing pad could only be used by very experienced pilots.
  • With good weather, Storholmen  may be seen from Vigra. Both the site and the tower closed to the public. ARLHS NOR-231; NF-3420; Admiralty L0854; NGA 6224.
  • The light is lit from the 16th of July until the 21st of May. It is not lit during the summer because it is unnecessary due to the midnight sun in this part of the world.

Map of the lighthouses of Møre go Romsdal

Lighthouses of Møre og Romsdal

For an overview of the 23 major lighthouses of More go Romsdal, click here. This high density of lighthouse stations reflects the importance of sea traffic in the area. Storholmen Lighthouse is at the northern edge of them.

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