Stormy lighthouse stay in January

I took a week off to write, continue to expand my Costal Cathedral exhibition, and to meditate by the ocean. Viberodden Lighthouse, outside of Egersund in Rogaland, took me in and granted me a stay for a week. I was so exited! A week to look out on the ocean, the horizon, and the wind blowing in my hair, clearing my thoughts. Little did I know that bad weather was coming my way. (Article continues after photos.)

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The first couple of days were windy, but still okay. I was focused, worked on text, photos, and just enjoying the solitude. Then, after a couple of days into my wonderful lighthouse stay, I saw a storm warning on the weather forecast. This was the greatest gift. Wonderful storm photos all the way out in the ocean.

At first, I could hear the wind picking up. It was midnight and pitch dark, so I could not see anything of what was going on, but I could hear it. I slept badly, and got up early in the morning. I was not prepared for what the daylight showed me. The furious ocean roared at me, spitting salt showers everywhere, the wind tried to knock me over, and the snow (that came in sideways) whipped me in the face, just lashing it all out on me.

I went in to get my camera and came out again. I thought this is my chance to take some great shots. Since there are no possibilities of boats surviving by the dock in this kind of weather, this was the best chance to take great storm photos from Viberodden Lighthouse. (You can only get to the lighthouse by boat.) My fingers went numb, the camera went on strike because of salt water and coldness, but we both survived, and got the shots of our lives.

The wind is still strong. The swells are still big. I am still stuck at the lighthouse. There is no storm, but hard winds and big swells, so the boat can’t dock yet. But hopefully I will get off the island soon. It has been a great experience to stay at a lighthouse in this weather, so close to the elements. I can only imagine how it must have been for the lighthouse guardians to live here with their families.

I came here Tuesday 21st of January. I’m still here. So, if you are thinking of a lighthouse stay, you need to check up on the weather forecast or know that it might take some time to get off the lighthouse.

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