Strømtangen Lighthouse in Kragerø

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Edvard Munch fell in love with Kragerø in his time, and called it "The Pearl of the Coastal Towns" (Perlen blandt kystbyene).

Note: There is another lighthouse called Strømtangen in Fredrikstad,  Østfold County.

Strømtangen Lighthouse stands on a point of land at the west entrance to the Kragerøfjord leading to Kragerø in Telemark, Norway.

  • Built 1874,  and automated in 1962, it is 28.8 feet (8.8 meters) tall.  Grounds open to the public, tower closed.
  • It is an active lighthouse with a focal plane 8 m (26 ft); white or red light depending on direction, occulting once every 6 s. Optics: Fourth order Fresnel lens.
  • This is both a directional light and the front light of a range, with the Stavseng lighthouse being the rear light. Strømtangen lighthouse station was built at the same time as Stavseng lighthouse station, further inside the fjord, and forms a leading line with it. The functional connection between Stavseng lighthouse and Strømtangen is of importance to lighthouse history and the preservation of the two lighthouses has to be seen in this context.
  • In addtion to these two, Jomfruland Lighthouse is also in Kragerø municipality
  • The 1-1/2 story wood keeper’s house has the lantern on the front of the building. There is a granite tower with wooden upper portion built into the end of wooden keeper’s dwelling. The lighthouse is painted white, lantern red. The lighthouse station, which is situated on a headland, has a beautiful location in the landscape and is a typical example of a small Norwegian wooden lighthouse. The buildings have a relatively high degree of originality. Some modernization has occurred inside, but many of the original elements are still intact.
  • The lighthouse station has good landing conditions. The station has an outhouse, washhouse, boathouse and landing place.
  • Note: there is another Strømtangen lighthouse near Fredrikstad .


  • Kragerø is the southernmost municipality in Telemark. To the southwest, it borders the municipality of Risør (in Aust-Agder county)
  • The London-based newspaper The Independent, published an article on Kragerø stating that “When Norwegians want to get away from it all they head for Kragero. Forests, fjords and islands await them at the place where Edvard Munch found peace and relaxation.
  • In the days of the sailing ships, Kragerø was one of Norway’s largest port cities. The municipality now includes 495 islands, islets, and skerries along with 4,000 leisure houses.
  • Kragerø is the southernmost municipality in Telemark. To the southwest, it borders the municipality of Risør (in Aust-Agder county)

Geting There

  • By air: Telemark is served by two airports with scheduled flights, Skien Geiteryggen Airport and Notodden Airport.
  • Nearby Sandefjord Airport Torp [1] has direct flights from many european cities. From there, take either the gratis shuttle bus to the nearby train stop (“Torp Sandefjord Lufthavn”) [2] and the train to Porsgrunn or Skien.
  • By car: E18, the main road of Eastern and Southern Norway, passes through Telemark in the districts of Porsgrunn, Bamble and Kragerø.
  • By bus: Lots of buses from Oslo, around 270NOK/person.
  • By train: From Oslo, one train (usually 20+ years old set with gratis wi-fi (but you need to register account online), but sometimes a very old set) goes along the coast to Porsgrunn (3h30m) and Skien (3h45m). Another, newer train set goes to Nordagutu, Bø (2h7m), Lunde and Drangedal.

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